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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Moira, asteroid 638 (the 638th asteroid to be discovered, on May 5, 1907), is approximately 41 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.5 years. Its name is derived from the Greek word for the Fates. In an astrological chart, Moira’s location by sign and house indicates an area of life that is governed by fate or karma. When afflicted by inharmonious aspects, Moira may show negative karma. When prominent in a chart, it shows an individual whose whole life is fated.


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Struggle Moira decided to lose weight to help problems of chronic pain
Last year, a detailed search was carried out in part of the Monkland Canal after witness statements appeared to place Gartshore in the area on the evening Moira vanished and again the next day.
According to Ruth, Moira said she would always retire when she was 50 - and she did.
In the 60s Moira and Ruth organised a show for the Western Mail showing how Welsh Wool was being used in fashion, and Ruth's work had been selected to appear in Vogue.
Moira takes the podium to give her election speech and as soon as she is done, Roy comes there.
Moira had brought up the topic of investment income during the week.
Moira disappeared while running an errand for her grandmother to a local shop.
on the help of a prominent public figure and military man, Lord Moira, who gave him a letter to hand to [Admiral Lord]] Nelson personally.
It is clear from the 1911 census and from entries in the Western Mail Directory for Cardiff that 21 Moira Terrace was at that time some sort of home for "girls" or "destitute women".
Moira made the most of the remarkable discovery by joining several local choir groups and taking individual singing lessons.
Then it acts grudgingly by suggesting that Moira links up with Chris Evans, who takes over from Sir Terry Wogan on Radio Two.