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The quantity of precipitation or the precipitation effectiveness.
The water vapor content of the atmosphere, or the total water substance (gaseous, liquid, and solid) present in a given volume of air.
(physical chemistry)
Water that is dispersed through a gas in the form of water vapor or small droplets, dispersed through a solid, or condensed on the surface of a solid.



the water content of physical bodies. Moisture depends upon the relative humidity of the surrounding environment, upon the nature of the substance, and, in solids, also upon the degree of porosity and the size of the particles—that is, the general dimensions of the interior and exterior surfaces of the objects. The concept of moisture does not include the content of crystalline water or of chemically bound, so-called constitutional, water—for example, the H2O that is produced only during chemical decomposition.

Moisture is usually characterized by the quantity of water in a substance, expressed in the percentage of the original mass of the moist substance (moisture by mass) or its volume (volume moisture). Moisture can also be characterized as the moisture content, or absolute moisture—the quantity of water relative to a unit of weight of the dry portion of the substance. It is of great significance to the national economy to establish the acceptable degree of moisture for many products and materials; such substances as grain or cement are only useful up to a certain moisture content. The vitality of animal and plant organisms is possible only within certain limits of moisture and relative humidity of the surrounding atmosphere.

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A wide range of possible moisture contents within a building subjected to a leak prompts the question as to the precision of moisture meters at a range of contents, substrates, and which meter is more effective under which specific circumstance.
It is important to emphasize that there is more at stake here than simply getting unwanted moisture out.
The NIRS technique could be an efficient method for the simple, real-time high throughput quantification of the moisture and oil content in battered chicken nuggets.
Temporal soil moisture variability analysis is a complex and dynamic process that generally requires an extensive sample set, resulting in a significant increase in monitoring costs over time.
The following information was recorded for each experimental soil moisture level: 1) the number of eggs deposited per female, 2) the number of days between the time females were placed in cages until the cages were sorted for eggs, i.
Soil moisture is an important state variable in the climate system, as it stimulates land-atmosphere interactions by modifying energy and wetness fluxes in the boundary layer (Legates et al.
John Hennigan, Compliance Manager at Medical Gas Solutions says, "In my 11 years' experience involved in the manufacture and quality control of medical gases, the accurate measurement of moisture content in medical gases has always been a challenge but a necessary requirement, in order to ensure that the medical gases manufactured meet the specification requirements of the relevant European Pharmacopoeia monographs for medical gases.
For example, at 70F and 75 percent relative humidity, the moisture level will reach 14 percent.
Moisture Analyzer Product Manager at METTLER TOLEDO, Claas Boerger, stated, "We have years of moisture analysis expertise to draw upon, but the real challenge was to strip that back to just the basic functionality that customers need, at a price that everyone can afford, without compromising our high standards for quality.
Soil moisture is important to the environ-ment/climate system because the transport of water within the land and at the land-atmosphere interface is strongly dependent on the state of soil water in a region.
Handheld moisture meters check for the correct moisture content when the lumber comes out of the dry kiln and before It is used In production.
In 2002, ARS scientists established soil moisture monitoring networks in four of the agency's long-term experimental watersheds to verify the accuracy of soil moisture data collected by other Earth-orbiting satellites.