the members of an illegal revolutionary-democratic society in Iran.

Created in 1905, the Mojahed organization played an active role in the Iranian Revolution of 1905–11, especially in the Tabriz uprising of 1908–09 and the revolutionary coup in Rasht in 1909. The Mojaheds consisted chiefly of members of the petite bourgeoisie, workers, and peasants. The Mojaheds’ program, adopted in 1907, demanded bourgeois-democratic liberties, confiscation of the shah’s lands and purchase of the khans’ lands for redistribution among the peasants, an eight-hour workday, and repeal of taxes on the poor.

The Mojaheds created the fidai regiments as the main armed force of the revolution. Through the Social Democratic group Gummet they were linked with the Bolsheviks of Transcaucasia. During the suppression of the revolution in 1911, the Mojahed organization was dispersed.

In Algeria, participants in the national-liberation war of 1954—62 and fighters for independence were known as Mojaheds.

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He said both reports excluded involvement of outer forces in the conflict, such as Bakiev's supporters, Mojaheds, and denied allegations about the genocide.
These victims were largely Mojaheds, categorized as moharebs (those who war against God), and leftists, labeled as mortads (apostates from Islam).
All these lead to destabilization of Pakistan.Pakistan actively supported Afghan Mojaheds in 1980-s, who fought with the Soviet troops and Kabul regime.
However, added that no statement is posted on the website of Islamic Jihad about this.Several Uzbek media received a statement late on May 26 from a man claiming he was speaking on behalf of Islamic Jihad, said.The statement reads that a group of Mojaheds of Maveranahr unit of the Islamic Jihad attacked the police station and the office of the National Security Service in the town of Khanabad of Andijan region on May 26."Mojaheds accomplished their mission successfully and returned to the camp without losses," said in the statement.