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, city (1990 pop. 1,026,455), Fukuoka prefecture, N Kyushu, Japan, on the Shimonoseki Strait between the Inland Sea and the Korea Strait. It was formed in 1963 by the union of the cities of Kokura, Moji, Tobata, Wakamatsu, and Yawata (or Yahata), which are now wards.
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, Japan.



a city in Japan on the northern coast of Kyushu, on Kanmon (or Shimonoseki) Strait, Fukuoka Prefecture. In 1963, Moji became part of the city of Kitakyushu. Moji is one of Japan’s main ports; together with the city and port of Shimonoseki it forms the united port of Kanmon.

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I got letters from the owners an' the firm--'Tull error on fire-bars, sux pounds'--ot Baltimore, ot Delagoa Bay, ot Moji, ot Rangoon, ot Rio, an' ot Montevuddio.
Tenders are invited for P/l interlocking tiles 60mm thick h/o moji to dispojal tak andn other area ward no.- 1,3 and 13, garhshankar
Head of the special duties unit, Professor Moji Atalabi, said the units with subunits would also be catering for staff welfare, aesthetics of the hospital, patient customer care and security among other things.
The automaker classified its new partners into four categories--the Pioneer includes ADAYO, iFlytek, Desay SV Automotive and Neusoft, etc.; the Protector incorporates the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology; the Companion covers a series of service and content platforms such as Meituan, Kuwo Music, Tingban, Ximalaya, iqiyi, iyiou and MOJI.
Moji told Massawe on Friday, 'I will be marrying soon and I don't want people to know her for now.' He said the wives and girlfriends of some of his friends in the industry have been affected by fame.
By PHILIP ETEMESI I once saw a Tweet by someone saying that Moji Shortbabaa is so little he should have just called himself Emoji Shortbabaa.
The master piece is said to have been recorded at AMP-PREZ productions and mastered by Jay Ice Moji as well as Gordon Spryt.
Highways department in its advisory said, the roads links between Shardah to Kail, Neeli Lumniyan to Moji Leepa, Hajipir to Bedi Khawaja Bandi (adjacent to Raza camp) and Lusdana road of Bagh district are covered with heavy snow resulting in disconnection of these areas.
This battery powered Black Diamond Moji lantern will work at a campsite, in car and light up a tabletop.
Sydney, Australia, December 29, 2018 --( This month 26-year-old twin sisters and tech entrepreneurs, Colina and Hripsime Demirdjian, launched an emoji merchandise store where users can print their own emoji on their most loved and used products directly inside the Moji Edit app - called "Moji Edit Merch." The Moji Edit mobile app offers its users the opportunity to create their own ultra-personalized emoji stickers and gifs to share with friends on all their favorite text message apps and social media platforms.
'Brother' chronicles the events that take place in the lives of easy-go-lucky Chut Reansuwan (Sunny) and his overachieving younger sister Jane (Urassaya Sperbund) when the latter accepts the marriage proposal of her dreamy boyfriend, Moji Moshikawa (Nichkhun).
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