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, Ger. Moldau, longest river of the Czech Republic, c.270 mi (430 km) long, rising in the Bohemian Forest, SW Czech Republic, and flowing SE, then N, past České Budĕjovice and Prague, to the Elbe River at Mĕlník.
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, river, Czech Republic.
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Andreas Menn's Konstruktion von Nation und Staat in Osteuropa: Transnistrien und die Republik Moldau sets out to trace the construction of the two entities of Moldova and Transnistria throughout history and it does just that.
Nicholas's Church on the Mala Strana side of the Moldau River in Old Prague, offered satellite reception all the way from home, for the TV channel was decidedly American, the Trinity Broadcasting Network.
The options in these two jewels include the vibrant capitals of Berlin and Prague, and two great European Rivers, the romantic Rhine and the lovely Moldau.
However, the first part of the story brings into the text a sequence of locality names: Laurenziberg, Ferdinandstrasse, Franzensquai, Moldau, Schutzeninsel, Muhlenturm, Karlsbrucke, Karlsgasse, Kreuzherrenplatz, and Seminarkirche.
The Recuerdo de Viaje and Prelude from the Asturias, by Catalan composer Isaac Albeniz, was as warm and redolent of the mountains of Spain as a glass of Rioja, while Catrin's solo performance of the unofficial Czech national anthem, Smetana's massive orchestral masterpiece The Moldau, was so evocative you could hear the river flowing through the Bohemian countryside and almost touch the stones of Prague.
Our concert programme, refined over the last year, included well-known pieces such as Tchaikovsky's Waltz from Sleeping Beauty, Smetana's The Moldau, music from Bizet's Carmen Suite and music from the films Chicago and Pirates of the Caribbean.
Listening to a tape of Bedrich Smetena's The Moldau as he drives along Blue Earth County 12, the poet resents the relentlessly nondescript landscape of southern Minnesota: the way "the sun sets inoffensively through a marsh of winter clouds / over the field next to the lake / or over the lake next to the field, / the field next to the field.
The program's second half was a bit of a puzzler, with Moravian duets by Dvorak, orchestrated by Fischer and sung in Czech by soprano Carolyn Betty and mezzo-soprano Kelley O'Connor, preceding each of three selections from Smetana's ``Ma Vlast'' (``My Fatherland''): ``From Bohemia's Meadows and Forests,'' ``Sarka'' and ``The Moldau.
The 1915 painting of Krumau, by contrast, represents one of the last stages in Schiele's evolving response to this locality, which the exhibition traces from the haunting, nocturnal 'snapshots' of the shabbily venerable facade of its town hall and the first bird's-eye views of the huddled dwellings of the 'Town on the Blue River' series (all of 1910-11) to the more expansive vistas with stately rows of buildings fronting the Moldau (1912-14).
LAST OCTOBER, Prague's Moldau River was Tanaka's chosen medium.
Once we reached the courtyard of the "Klasterni Pivovar" restaurant, built within an old monastery with a heart-stopping view of the city, golden in the late-afternoon sunlight as it spread over the banks of the Moldau River, we knew that we had begun an excellent adventure.
Beitrag zur Kenntnis der fruhen Bronzezeit im sudostlichen Transsilvanien und in der Moldau, Dacia N.