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Rugged satin-weave cotton with a soft napped back having a one-warp, two-filling construction.



a thick, strong cotton fabric made with a rein-forced satin weave. On its right side moleskin has a smooth, dense weft covering, which is produced by using a distinctive weave and weft threads that are closer together than the warp threads. The fabric is usually in solid, dark colors. Some napped varieties are known as moleskin cloth. Moleskin is used in making work and sport clothes, special uniforms, shoe uppers, and book bindings. The thicker varieties are sometimes called buck-skin.

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SAVING SPACE: Goodwood Spacesaver, above, Starbay Auckland trunk, below, and Willard vintage moleskin bed, right, which is a great centrepiece in any bedroom COMFY: Make sure your mattress is comfy to ensure a good night's sleep.
No--occlusion with duct tape was no more or less effective than occlusion with moleskin.
This moleskin fitted coat looks great with a suit and also works brilliantly with jeans.
Choose items to fit your hunt, your pack, and your capabilities, but always include the basics: Personal medications, adhesive bandages, alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, moleskin, gauze pads, triangular bandages, safety pins, and a roll of medical tape.
Carry moleskin for those blisters as soon as they begin to be noticeable.
The Shelter Cloth jacket with moleskin jacket liner retails for less than $290.
Para desaparecer los callos de la superficie de los dedos de los pies, coloque un cuadrito de franela de algodon adhesiva (puede ser Moleskin Plus del Dr.
Use a breathable adhesive tape (sometimes labeled as first-aid tape), or use moleskin, an adhesive-backed cotton pad.
Other products from outside include soft furnishings, bike packing gear, footwear, pens, yak wool knitwear and moleskin trousers.
I use camouflage moleskin as well, especially in the areas where my arrow might bang on the riser or sight.