Mollanepes, Kadyrberdy Ogly

Mollanepes, Kadyrberdy Ogly


Born circa 1810 near Sarakhs, Iran; died 1862. Turkmen poet and musician.

Mollanepes studied at a madrasah and became a teacher and skilled jeweler. His poetry consists of love lyrics and, to a lesser degree $$$ with words, he $$$ traditional images with a creative touch, introducing scenes from nature and everyday life even in such restricted genres as the love lyric. Mollanepes is the author of the lyric poem “I Have Arrived” and the dastan (epic) Zokhre and Takhir, which may be viewed as a literary treatment of the folk legend about Takhir and Zokhre.


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In Russian translation:
Skazanie o Zokhre i Takhire. Moscow, 1960.
Lirika. Moscow, 1963.


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