mollugo verticillata

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Grows almost everywhere. The whole plant is edible. Said to raise levels of nitric oxide, which lowers blood pressure and is great for bodybuilding and sexual power. Low growing, 1-2 feet across, like a circular mat. Leaves smooth to the touch, usually narrow and whorled 3-8 around same point on stem. Flowers white or greenish-white.
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This article describes the evaluation of immunomodulatory activity of Mollugo verticillata L.
Although occurring elsewhere on the property, Mollugo verticillata and Poa compressa are particularly abundant here.
Antennaria plantaginifolia and Mollugo verticillata, ranked first and second in importance value in the seed bank, respectively, were not encountered in the vegetation sampling, although rare individuals of A.
SC/NM 5 N P U Su MOLLUGINACEAE Mollugo verticillata L.