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a lens for correcting defective vision of one eye, held in position by the facial muscles



(1) An eyeglass lens, with or without a frame, that is held in the eye socket.

(2) The simplest kind of camera lens, consisting of a single positive meniscus-type lens. It is used predominantly in inexpensive cameras for portrait and landscape photographs. The best image quality is provided by a convex-concave meniscus lens with its convex side facing the photosensitive layer and with a diaphragm located in front of the objective. Monocles have a small aperture ratio (not exceeding 1:8) and a small image angle (not exceeding 25°). A monocle is also called a landscape lens.

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Monacle enjoyed the heavy ground to upset hotpot Zaffre Noir, although Berry admitted he had not been sure if the gelding would handle the ground.
Stickels blamed "a slip of the pen" for her blunder in promoting Statajack, who finished sixth in a 16-runner handicap at Lingfield on June 19, to fourth, rather than fifth-past-the-post Fourdaned, following the disqualification of 'winner' Monacle.
Williams was riding Monacle in the Pontefract Apprentice Handicap when his mount was hampered and fell, throwing the jockey to the ground.
At least he emerged unscathed, whereas Darren Williams was taken to hospital for x-rays on his wrist, injured when Monacle fell in the same incident.
PONTEFRACT: 2.15 Monacle, 3.15 Turtle Surprise, 4.15 Game Tufty, 4.45 Festive, 5.15 Mustafhel.
CHEPSTOW: 6.10 Monacle, 7.10 Keld, 8.10 Mary Jane, 8.40 Chicodove.
yarmouth: 2.00 Guesstimation, 2.30 The Tatling, 3.00 Girlie Set, 4.00 Comprehension, 4.30 Fairy Contessa, 5.00 Monacle.