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, Ital. Monferrato, historic region of Piedmont, NW Italy, south of the Po River, now mostly in Alessandria prov. It is largely hilly, and wine, fruit, and cereals are produced. In the late 10th cent.
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, Italy.
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The meal will begin with mixed antipasti including mini bruschetta and seafood, which will be washed down with the light, aromatic white wine, Cortese alto Monferrato.
PAUL BRADY will represent Ireland at the Italian Handball Open in Nizza Monferrato in Italy at the end of November.
In the study area, in Monferrato, gypsum karst has a considerable influence on mining operations; the latter in turn can produce strong impact on gypsum karst.
As is to be expected, Filippo was active as a bookseller, with operations in Milan and Pavia and an agent in the Monferrato.
Pleural malignant mesothelioma and environmental asbestos exposure in Casale Monferrato, Piedmont.
Paul, more popularly known as Barnabites, he took the name Giacinto Sigismondo (Hyacinth Sigismond) After three years of studies at the University of Bologna, he taught philosophy at the Barnabite college at Macerata 1738-39 and at Monferrato 1739-48, where he was professor of philosophy and prefect of studies, during which time he was ordained to the priesthood (1741).
Belfbrete Monferrato, Italy, acquired by Emco in mid-2005), and Intos S.
Gavi is created in the Alto Monferrato of the Alessandria province in Italy.
The opportunities for distinct patterns of ducal patronage were correspondingly circumscribed, although the marriage in 1433 of the future Duke Louis to the Cypriot princess Anne de Lusignan and the continued Sabaudian obsession with Monferrato, ruled by a cadet branch of the Palaiologos dynasty, inevitably drew attention to the eastern Mediterranean.
S Germano - Strada Bassotti, 17, 15033, Casale Monferrato, Al, Italia
This rhetorical question was addressed in the The Casale Monferrato Study, which evaluated the ability of the WHO definition of the metabolic syndrome to predict all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in 1565 patients with type 2 diabetes (62).
Rocco Buttiglione, Il problema politico dei cattolici: Dottrina sociale e modernita, edited by Pierluigi Pollini (Piemme: Casale Monferrato, 1993), 298-99.