Mongolian Horse

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Mongolian Horse


a horse of ancient origin native to the steppe, raised in the Mongolian People’s Republic. The Mongolian horse is small, its height at the withers measuring approximately 130 cm. It has a well-developed musculature, strong legs, and a thick, hairy coat. A hardy horse, it moves well over the sands of dry steppes and semideserts and climbs hills with ease.

The Mongolian horse can endure extremely cold weather and adapts well to year-round maintenance in pastured herds. It has a quick pace and an easy gallop but does not trot well. The coat is most commonly gray and bay. The Mongolian horse is used as a saddle and pack horse and in harness; it is also used for its meat and milk (koumiss is made from the milk). It has a long life-span and is capable of working to the age of 18 or more.


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