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see racerace,
one of the group of populations regarded as constituting humanity. The differences that have historically determined the classification into races are predominantly physical aspects of appearance that are generally hereditary.
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Characteristic of a Far Eastern racial stock and often American Indians; features yellow complexion, a broad flat face with small nose and prominent cheekbones, and eyes that have an epicanthal fold.
Having physical characteristics associated with Down's syndrome.


denoting, relating to, or belonging to one of the major racial groups of mankind, characterized by yellowish complexion, straight black hair, slanting eyes, short nose, and scanty facial hair, including most of the peoples of Asia, the Inuit, and the North American Indians
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The spiral hair is characteristic of the Congoids, the hair is straight in Mongoloids, and in the Caucasoids the hair may be straight, wavy or helical.
The combined OR obtained using a fixed-effect model was significant in Mongoloid population.
The simplifying assumption that the Negritos of Southeast Asia have adopted the languages of their sedentary neighbors both in the Philippines and in the Malay peninsula raises an obvious question: is this also the explanation for the linguistic relatedness of the sedentary and nomadic populations of southern Mongoloid phenotype?
The first of these complexes was defined by Hanihara in 1966 (16) as the Mongoloid Dental Complex, which brings together different populations from East Asia that are characterized by having a complex dental morphology represented in a high frequency of shovel-shaped, layered fold and cusp pattern 6 incisors.
Risley, based on anthropometric measurement observed the mongoloid features in Indian population and he classified them as Mongolo-Dravidians type.
This type of crowding is more frequent among mongoloid populations and less frequent among Caucasoid populations, (12, 15) according to presence/absence dichotomy.
On the basis of the analysis of the results we have made the following conclusion: a centuries-old layering of the Mongoloid component on the Old Kazakhstanian anthropological layer of Proto-European race took place on the territory of Kazakhstan; anthropological type of the Kazakhs taking into account the main differentiating features of Caucasoid and Mongoloid race occupies an intermediate position and refers to a mixed South Siberian race.
Whether the real author is racially Mongoloid or not, however, the black humor of the Araki hoax, as Yunte Huang pointed out, leads us less into the problem of empathy than into the problem of "nuclear universalism," what I would like to rephrase "nuclear planetarity," through which Hiroshima and Nagasaki should be "remembered from the transcendent and anonymous position of humanity" (149).
Gerald said: "The shock of those killings also informed a bunch of Devo songs including Jocko Homo, Mongoloid and Freedom Of Choice.
She also takes pains to parallel the mongoloid features of the Orcs with then-current views of Down's Syndrome.
The cluster of more than 550 Andaman and Nicobar islands, of which only about three dozen are inhabited, are home to six tribes of Mongoloid and African origin, who have lived there for thousands of years.
The Buryats are an indigenous Mongoloid nationality, numbering about 400,000 in Russia.