Monkey trial

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Monkey trial:

see Scopes trialScopes trial,
Tennessee legal case involving the teaching of evolution in public schools. A statute was passed (Mar., 1925) in Tennessee that prohibited the teaching in public schools of theories contrary to accepted interpretation of the biblical account of human creation.
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Monkey Trial


the common name for the trial of the high school teacher John T. Scopes, who was accused of propounding C. Darwin’s theory of evolution in his biology classes. (The teaching of the theory was prohibited in a number of southern states.) The trial took place July 10–21, 1925, in Dayton, Tenn. The prosecutor at the trial was one of the leaders of the Democratic Party, W. J. Bryan. The court rejected the defense’s demand that scientists be summoned as witnesses. Scopes was convicted and fined. The trial aroused the indignation of the American and international progressive community.

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Larsen, Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Monkey Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion (Cambridge, Mass.
Indeed, people are taking the move seriously in the country that invented the term monkey trial, which stems from the 1925 case in which rationalists challenged a Tennessee law forbidding the teaching of evolution.
The 1964 Jack Ruby trial was called "the trial of the century" at the time, but was among several other "trials of the century" including the Scopes monkey trial, Lindbergh baby kidnapping, Leopold and Loeb, O.
Professor Ruse writes with grace and style, serious but never solemn, even about such sacred Darwinian commemorations as the Wilberforce-Huxley debate, when 'everybody enjoyed himself immensely and all went cheerfully off to dinner together afterwards', and the Scopes Monkey Trial in Tennessee, whose 'ionic status' is questioned.
Nevertheless, After the Monkey Trial deserves careful attention, especially by readers of this journal.
For example, following the summary of the plot of Planet of the Apes, he describes the achievement of the ape costumes, followed by discussion of how the film reflected concerns about racial hierarchies, the illegitimacy of the House Un-American Activities Committee, and the ignorance of the Scopes Monkey Trial.
With evolution and creationism - whoops, make that intelligent design - so very much in the news this year, there couldn't be a better time to revive Peter Goodchild's 1991 play ``The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial.
Yet, tragically, this is all happening in the 80th anniversary year of the Scopes Monkey Trial when a young science teacher, branded an infidel for teaching the theory of evolution in his Tennessee classroom, was acquitted of sin by US courts.
Lee, penned 39 scripts, including The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail, about David Henry Thoreau's refusal to pay taxes to support the Mexican War; and Inherit, a play based on the Scopes Monkey Trial that ran on Broadway for more than two years.
Up until 1925, when the Scopes monkey trial took place and Scopes lost, American school textbooks included evolution.
The performance, which can be tailored from about an hour to two hours, covers all aspects of Darrow's career, from early labor cases to the Leopold and Loeb murder defense, to the Scopes Monkey trial to First Amendment issues.