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A single, large, continuous filament (single-strand thread) of a natural or synthetic fiber.
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a single untwisted synthetic fiber that is thicker than ordinary elementary filaments. It is used in the manufacture of various articles; for example, Nylon-b monofilaments are used in stockings.

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Cesarean incision closure with a braided, polyglactin 910 suture (Vicryl) led to 65% more wound complications than the monofilament poliglecaprone 25 suture (Monocryl), Arin M.
We searched EMBASE (OvidSP, 1976 to April 2016), MEDLINE (OvidSP, 1946 to April 2016), the Cochrane Library (issue 4, 2016), and Web of Science (1995 to April 2016) to identify diagnostic accuracy studies of monofilament tests for detecting DPN.
Others, like blue, may become more invisible like clear monofilament. But if you're really looking for the ultimate in invisible lines, it seems the new fluorocarbon lines are the way to go, due to their excellent light refraction properties.
nerve palpation, monofilament testing, VMT assessment) and NCS tests.
Georg Stausberg, CEO of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment explained that the diversity of applications for tapes and monofilament yarns are currently making the Chemnitz-based Oerlikon Barmag technologies very attractive for our customers.
The study determined that the most active anglers chose monofilament 37 percent of the time, while braided or superlines accounted for 33 percent of sales and fluorocarbon took the remainder at 26 percent, with some purchases not identified.
The bitter end of the monofilament is cleated off and the dredge is slowly lowered into the water, while ensuring that all of the individual strips are flowing untangled behind the dredge.
After more than 25 years of cooperation, the Reifenhauser Group acquired the Italian company Nuova Protex, a company specializing in designing and manufacturing take-up winding systems for synthetic fibers such as monofilaments, multifilaments, raffia, flat tape and strapping tape as well as supplementary components.
The filament is applied perpendicular to the palmar and lateral surface of each distal finger 3 times, with enough pressure to bend the monofilament. In this study, the test was considered positive if the patient did not feel the monofilament in any finger along the distribution of the median nerve.
One especially useful innovation is a modern monofilament cloth being used commercially in German.
Dayville, Conn.-based Putman Plastics Corporation has developed a proprietary process for manufacturing custom monofilament fibers up to 0.100 inches (2.54 millimeters) in diameter from performance materials such as nylon and polypropylene.
Trade Polymerz also provide extrusion sheet lines and machinery for manufacturing of various extrusion lines for different field of production including PP and PE film, PP and PE flat yarn, PP and PE monofilament, nylon monofilament, PE/EVA plastic, Net and Net bags, PE Blown Film, PP Woven bags, PE Liners (HDPE, LDPE), PE Sheets and shopping bags, and polypropylene woven bags (WPP Bag Sector).