see MontserratMontserrat
or Monserrat
, mountain, 4,054 ft (1,236 m) high, NE Spain, rising abruptly from a plain in Catalonia, NW of Barcelona. On a narrow terrace, more than halfway up its precipitous cliffs, is a celebrated Benedictine monastery, one of the greatest religious
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, Spain.
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'Umagang Kay Ganda', on the other hand, was composed by Butch Monserrat and talks about the joy of facing each new day with a loved one.
El segundo sitio fue para Monserrat Varela por Estocolmo y el tercero para David Negrete por Adrenalina, que tambien obtuvieron una coleccion de textos.
The Officer also explained that in a first procedure, which occurred in Puerto Cisnes, an air medium that supported the inspection detected the Motorboat Monserrat I, registration of Calbuco, operating in the Moraleda Channel, which at the time of being approached it maintained 300 kilos of Congrio and 100 kilos of Hake.
Though meteotsunamis have been known to occur for some time [initially Nomitsu (1935) and later Defant (1961)], the term was only recently accepted by the research community (Rabinovich and Monserrat 1996, 1998).
Felipe Monserrat died in his sleep at home last Oct.
En el mundo belcantistico suele darse con frecuencia el hecho de "estar en el momento y el lugar oportunos", como fue el caso de la grandiosa soprano catalana Monserrat Caballe (Barcelona, 19332018) que salto a la fama internacional cuando en 1965 pudo suplir a su colega norteamericana Marilyn Home, en una memorable funcion en recital de la opera Lucrecia Borgia, de Gaetano Donizetti, en el Carnegie Hall de Nueva York, donde causo tal sensacion que un critico simple y sencillamente la describio como: "Callas + Tebaldi = Caballe".
WHEN you get an invite from Monserrat Prat, chef and owner of the brilliant Catalan restaurant La Cuina in Cardiff, you know you're in for a special evening - especially when she has a couple of her exceptional wine pals, Ricard Zamora-Isanda and David Molas Alberti, along as well.
Monserrat Loyde pone un ejemplo a seguir: Japon, cuya conciencia del desastre se ha materializado en un detallado plan de accion ante un proximo gran terremoto.
Enjoy a cable car ride to the summit of Monserrat Hill
In Barcelona, they meet another May-December female couple, Monserrat and Alex, and swap partners as they become enmeshed in a thriving feminist subculture.
Joan Flowers who helped coordinate the event in Huddersfield said: "The Jamaica National Council loves to involve all the Caribbean islands so the Monserrat comedian Margaret West had the audience in stitches with her act.