see MontserratMontserrat
or Monserrat
, mountain, 4,054 ft (1,236 m) high, NE Spain, rising abruptly from a plain in Catalonia, NW of Barcelona. On a narrow terrace, more than halfway up its precipitous cliffs, is a celebrated Benedictine monastery, one of the greatest religious
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, Spain.
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Enjoy a cable car ride to the summit of Monserrat Hill
Estas naciones son: Sahara Occidental en Africa; Gibraltar en Europa; Samoa Americana, Polinesia Francesa, Guam, Nueva Caledonia, Pitcairn y Tokelau en Oceania; y Anguila, Bermuda, Islas Virgenes Britanicas, Islas Caiman, Islas Malvinas, Santa Helena, Monserrat, Islas Virgenes de Estados Unidos y Turcos y Caicos en la zona del Caribe y Oceano Atlantico.
In Barcelona, they meet another May-December female couple, Monserrat and Alex, and swap partners as they become enmeshed in a thriving feminist subculture.
Joan Flowers who helped coordinate the event in Huddersfield said: "The Jamaica National Council loves to involve all the Caribbean islands so the Monserrat comedian Margaret West had the audience in stitches with her act.
In an article about the Catholic church and domestic violence published by Vida Nueva, a lay Catholic group based in Spain, psychotherapist Monserrat Davins said that the church was "a patriarchal institution," and one that "has had great difficulty adapting its communication style to our times.
He is a professor of printmaking at Monserrat College of Art.
hides two facts to the contrary: her full name of Monserrat Thalia and her status as an undocumented immigrant.
Senior Police Officer 1 Danilo Monserrat and PO3 Joel Romantico revealed in their report that the suspect carted away Nicole's Macbook laptop worth P40,000, one unit of Iphone 5S worth P30,000, and one ladies bag which were placed at her wooden cabinet near her bed.
Al Monserrat, a fifteen year Citrix veteran, will be leaving the company, having run sales and services since 2008.
First, I have tried to contact Dr Monserrat Verdaguer i Clavera to speak to her about finding a way forward, so far without success.
Los participantes de la cena son Maria Paz Grandjean, Monserrat Estevez, Andrea Giadach, Alessandra Guerzoni, Nicolas Zarate y Julio Escobar.
La preservacion de una tradicion centenaria, Zamora, El Colegio de Michoacan/Fideicomiso "Felipe Teixidor y Monserrat Alfau de Teixidor", 2012.