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[Lat. ordo,=rank], in Christianity, the traditional degrees of the clergy, conferred by the Sacrament of Holy Order. The episcopacy, priesthood or presbyterate, and diaconate were in general use in Christian churches in the 2d cent.
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RC Church an ecclesiastical title attached to certain offices or distinctions usually bestowed by the Pope
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Together with the five films made of the Mondo piccolo--Don Camillo (1952), Il ritorno di don Camillo (1953), Don Camillo e l'onorevole Peppone (1955), Don Camillo, Monsignore ma non troppo (1961) and Il compagno don Camillo (1965)--these works have ensured that Don Camillo is one of the most recognizable literary figures in all of Italian culture.
Monsignore Hristo Proikov, Apostolic Earch and president of the Catholic episcopal conference in Bulgaria, stated that the occasion is of great importance, because the Bulgarian ties with catolicism date back to the 9th century.
MANSELLI, "Enrico del Carretto e la consultazione sulla magia di Giovanni XXII", en Miscellanea in onore di Monsignore Martino Giusti, vol.
Chief among these is Father Monsignore, who acts as if he were plenipotentiary of Gdarisk.
The archaeological squad of the Carabinieri police noticed suspicious mounds, which are typical of a dig, near a small lake known as "Laghetto del Monsignore".
A dedication ceremony at the university on Thursday began with a Mass celebrated by the rector, Monsignore Mariano Fazio, who observed, "God and the Church today more than ever need credible witnesses to the love of Christ in the world, like Father van Straaten."
Castelli, who was still with Buonarroti in Rome, had written to him in Florence on 6 April 1630, with words of encouragement: "As concerns coming here to Rome, I repeat the exact words of the Monsignore: that you are more welcome than any beloved damsel, and if you come, you will be master in his house, and may dispose of him and his things as if in your own home ...
Newman mentions that he and Froude made an exception to their general rule against talking to Catholics to meet twice with "Monsignore (now Cardinal) Wiseman at the Collegio Inglese" and once to "hea[r] him preach" (Apologia 38-39).
Hace unas semanas se encarno en el premiado Carlos Monsivais, que elogio la habilidad de orador sacro de monsignore Abascal y que ahora se encarna en Elenita Poniatowska.
El mismo compositor, en carta del 4 de septiembre de 1776 remitida a su antiguo maestro, el padre Giovanni Battista Martin (de Bolona), narra como monsignore Colloredo le corto las alas de su inspiracion en contra de una mayor extension de la musica para sus misas:
Tracing Perfetsky's circuitous path to his apparent suicide at the conclusion of this event, Andrukhovych, ostensibly the "publisher" of this phantasmagoric record of intimate access to the poet's thoughts, those of his companions (including dispatches to "the Monsignore"--evidently Lucifer--their boss), and various other papers, creates a startlingly carnivalesque narrative, replete with "learned" notes, numerous twists, and arcane lore.
DXXXII: 'El portatore de la litera e uno Domenicho da Forli che lavora de stuchi, che vene per lavorare a monsignore reven rendisimo de'Medici, et e el primo m[aest]ro che lavora de stucho ...'.