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Due to the monsoon climate in the study area, there is more precipitation in the regions closer to the sea (for example pixel 3).
Due to the impact of the monsoon climate, there was a trend of higher droughts risk in the western area when compared to the eastern regions near the ocean (Figure 5).
It's one that's still the norm in many subtropical regions, but during the greenhouse spike in the late Paleocene epoch, monsoon climates extended well into what are now temperate latitudes.
The corollary of the summer rains of the monsoon climate is winter dryness, when hardly any rain falls.
The factor distinguishing the monsoon climate, and the one that determines many of the differences between its vegetation and that of the rainforest, is the existence of a relatively long dry season (more than three months in a row with less than 2.4 in [60 mm] of rain).
Bangladesh experiences a monsoon climate and has a floodplain topography, making it prone to hydrological disasters.
Not all the area with a monsoon climate is covered in monsoon forest, however.
Precipitation variability becomes essential to reveal the changing features of the monsoon climate as satellite-based precipitation products are highly valued along with the development of the remote sensing technology in recent years [6, 7].
Together with the sub-tropical monsoon climate, the upland farming makes Fujian s farmland highly susceptive to soil erosion.
Pakistan has in most areas of agriculture a monsoon climate, and there might be abundant rainfall during the wet season and then a very long dry season where crop production depends very heavily on irrigation water.
Shakil from NUST said Pakistan summer monsoon climate system needs research and training sessions on institutional arrangements for policy implementation and impacts of climate change.
As the Capital of Western China s Sichuan province, Chengdu enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate and annual average temperatures of 16AC