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in French history, the label applied to deputies sitting on the raised left benches in the National Convention during the French Revolution. Members of the faction, known as Montagnards [Mountain Men] saw themselves as the embodiment of national unity.
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NAVY SEALs and their Montagnard scout armed with M16A1 rifles, XM177E2 carbines, and Stoner Mark 23 MOD 0 light machine guns.
Puttanee Kangkun, Thailand Human Rights Specialist with Fortify Rights, told the Post on Monday that among those approximately 30 arrested people including 13 children are Jarai or Montagnard with Cambodian citizenship and some of them are
From a moral stance, asking men to fight for you without providing them adequate medical support unsettled and frustrated the Special Forces men who lived, and died, alongside the Montagnards. From the ever-important counter-insurgency facet, it hurt the underlying mission.
(3) Unreferenced statements made below regarding montagnards derive from my field notes.
La piece [beaucoup moins que]8-mai-1945[beaucoup plus grand que], qui evoque la cruaute du systeme colonial, a eteproduite par la cooperative [beaucoup moins que]Imesdourar[beaucoup plus grand que] (les montagnards) du village Ait Lahcene de la commune d'Illoula Oumalou.
In the mountainous north and on the fringe of that region, hill tribes--or "Montagnards," as similar groups were known in Vietnam--were seen as the major threat.
"Les problemes economiques de l'Iran sont tres differents de ceux des pays occidentaux: Les notres ressemblent aux difficultes qu'aurait un groupe de montagnards pour atteindre un sommet alors que ceux des pays occidentaux s'apparentent a un autobus pris sous une avalanche".
"Montagnards" who live in the country's Central Highlands
In Vietnam, the indigenous Degar people, also called Montagnards, are viewed with suspicion for their Christian faith, and the government is responsible for numerous cases of torture and abuse, while hundreds of Degar women have been subject to forced sterilization.
This period was known as Thermidorian, because the power--obtained by the moderate Montagnards deputies led by Bertrand Barrere of Vieuzac, on the one hand and on the other, by the partisans of the constitutional government led by Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes,--was taken in mid-July 1794, which was called "thermidor" in the Republican calendar.
Under the Convention, the radical coalition of Girondins and Jacobins that took power in September of 1792, the use of citoyens became the only safe mode of address, and, as the more radical montagnards killed off their rivals, even the use of vous as the polite singular you was repressed.