Montauk Project

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Montauk Project

This incredible project involved mind control, a Nazi secret society, extraterrestrials, the Philadelphia Experiment, and travel through time and space.

The old Montauk Air Force Station is situated on the even older navy air base Camp Hero, located on the northeast tip of Long Island on Highway 27. There is a state park there, as well as the empty shells of buildings and barracks. The old base is still listed by the army as a storage site for chemical weapons, and there are tunnels beneath it filled with water—and according to some, the skeletal remains of hundreds of young males.

How did these skeletons end up in tunnels under an old military base? Camp Hero was built on a sacred Indian burial ground—but these are not the remains of Native Americans. Esoterically, some researchers say that Montauk is a planetary energy point, linked to Mars and Egypt and legends of Atlantis. But neither are the bones those of ancient Atlanteans.

One story has it that by 1954, covert branches within the U.S. government and the governing structures of other superpowers had cut a deal with representatives from extraterrestrial intelligences to barter the ETs’ superior scientific and technological knowledge in exchange for access to certain of our planet’s mineral deposits. In addition the aliens were allowed to conduct various experiments on “people who made no genuine contributions of society” or “who would not be missed.” The skeletons beneath the old Montauk Air Force Station are the last vestiges of street people, runaways, homosexual males, and stray kids who, if their disappearances were noted at all, were marked down as “missing.”

An alternate explanation of the skeletons in the tunnels under the old base is that they are all that remains of hundreds of bright young people who were drawn into secret government projects in ESP, mind control, time travel, and out-of-body experiences. According to alleged eyewitnesses and survivors of the experiments, the project at Montauk was controlled by alien intelligences, whose cruel mind manipulations drove some of our best and brightest young people to insanity and suicide. Others were projected into worm-holes in time and space, never to return.

According to Preston Nichols, while he was working for a Long Island defense contractor and researching people with psychic abilities, he traced disruptive radio signals to the Montauk Air Force Station and began an exhaustive period of research that gradually revealed, to his astonishment, that he had been involved in secret projects on the base. Somehow he had survived on two separate timelines, one at Montauk, the other at a different location.

Nichols had no sooner made this discovery than, in 1985, he met Duncan Cameron, a man with highly developed psychic abilities. Proceeding cautiously, Nichols learned that Cameron had been the primary psychic in the Montauk experiments with time travel and had also been aboard the Eldridge during the ill-fated Philadelphia Experiment in 1943. Duncan had been in the crew during the experiment in invisibility, together with his brother Edward, whom he now recognized as electronic engineer Al Bielek, who also claimed to be a survivor of the 1943 secret navy experiment.

The Montauk Project, they now understood, had been inspired by Nazi secret societies and their research into eugenics, mind control, and extraterrestrial communication. The Order of the Black Sun and many of its teachings had been incorporated into the project, as well as mysteries of the ancient alchemists and the sex magic ceremonies of Aleister Crowley.

As they expanded their research, Nichols and Cameron saw clearly that the Montauk Project had been terminated when, on August 12, 1983, a time portal was opened from that date back to the time of the Philadelphia Experiment. Cameron recalled sitting in a special device that was covered with crystals and bizarre radio receivers. The aliens and the secret government agents were using his psychic energy to open the time portal. However, Cameron realized that these conspirators wished to use such access to time travel for evil purposes, so in order to save the future, he set free a giant beast from his subconscious that ran rampant and destroyed the Montauk Project. All personnel fled the base and abandoned the buildings. All air shafts and entrances to the vast underground facilities were filled with cement.

Those who managed to survive the experiments in mind control and time travel at Montauk have been left with the understanding that reality is more complex than they have been taught and that the significance of Earth in time and space is far beyond the concepts of linear existence.

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