Monte Rosa

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Rosa, Monte


a mountain mass in the Pennine Alps, on the Italian-Swiss border. It is formed primarily of granites and gneisses. The maximum elevation is 4,634 m (Dufourspitze). In the ridge zone, there is recent glaciation (the largest glacier is Gorner, with a length of nearly 14 km). There are alpine and subalpine meadows and shrubs; below are coniferous forests.

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AMBROSE--I am getting up a picnic for next Friday, when we propose to start at eleven-thirty if the weather is fine, and to make the ascent of Monte Rosa. It will take some time, but the view should be magnificent.
A traveller wearied with the rich aspects of Italy, Brazil, or India, returns to his own land and finds on his way a delightful little lake, like the Lac d'Orta at the foot of Monte Rosa, with an island resting on the calm waters, bewitchingly simple; a scene of nature and yet adorned; solitary, but well surrounded with choice plantations and foliage and statues of fine effect.
1857), and selected his account of his ascent of Monte Rosa.
At half past five he happened to turn around, and "beheld the glorious spectacle of the Matterhorn, just touched by the rosy-fingered morning, and looking like a huge pyramid of fire rising out of the barren ocean of ice and rock around it." Then the Breithorn and the Dent Blanche caught the radiant glow; but "the intervening mass of Monte Rosa made it necessary for us to climb many long hours before we could hope to see the sun himself, yet the whole air soon grew warmer after the splendid birth of the day."
He gazed at the lofty crown of Monte Rosa and the wastes of snow that guarded its steep approaches, and the chief guide delivered the opinion that no man could conquer their awful heights and put his foot upon that summit.
The highest telephone in the world is on the peak of Monte Rosa, in the Italian Alps, very nearly three miles above the level of the sea.
Three French mountaineers were rescued from Monte Rosa in the Alps at around 4,000 metres altitude as temperatures fell as low as -15 degrees Celsius (five degrees Fahrenheit), Italian media reported.
Wow your delegates by hosting your meetings at the Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa or Rigi.
Summary: Alexandre Gademann, Managing Director, Monte Rosa talks about the school's attributes and the popular courses on offer
Empire Windrush, formerly MV Monte Rosa, was a German Cruise liner in the 1930s reveals Richard Harvey, archives volunteer in the Duke of Wellington's Museum in Halifax and the Association website editor and webmaster.
HMT Empire Windrush was originally MV Monte Rosa, a passenger liner and cruise ship launched in Germany in 1930.