Monte Rosa

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Rosa, Monte


a mountain mass in the Pennine Alps, on the Italian-Swiss border. It is formed primarily of granites and gneisses. The maximum elevation is 4,634 m (Dufourspitze). In the ridge zone, there is recent glaciation (the largest glacier is Gorner, with a length of nearly 14 km). There are alpine and subalpine meadows and shrubs; below are coniferous forests.

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1857), and selected his account of his ascent of Monte Rosa.
Then the Breithorn and the Dent Blanche caught the radiant glow; but "the intervening mass of Monte Rosa made it necessary for us to climb many long hours before we could hope to see the sun himself, yet the whole air soon grew warmer after the splendid birth of the day.
He gazed at the lofty crown of Monte Rosa and the wastes of snow that guarded its steep approaches, and the chief guide delivered the opinion that no man could conquer their awful heights and put his foot upon that summit.
In this case the Queen is Margherita of Italy and the professor is Signor Mosso, the astronomer, who studies the heavens from an observatory on Monte Rosa.
AMBROSE--I am getting up a picnic for next Friday, when we propose to start at eleven-thirty if the weather is fine, and to make the ascent of Monte Rosa.
A traveller wearied with the rich aspects of Italy, Brazil, or India, returns to his own land and finds on his way a delightful little lake, like the Lac d'Orta at the foot of Monte Rosa, with an island resting on the calm waters, bewitchingly simple; a scene of nature and yet adorned; solitary, but well surrounded with choice plantations and foliage and statues of fine effect.
He went to the side of the car and remained for a time staring with unseeing eyes at a huge cluster of great clouds--a cluster of slowly dissolving Monte Rosas, sunlit below.
BFEA secretary general Betsy Mathieson gave a presentation about the event yesterday at Monte Rosa Restaurant in Adliya accompanied by sponsors' representative Ibrahim Al Awadhi, Shura Council public relations, media and research affairs assistant secretary-general Dr Fawzia Al Jeeb, Hindu Temple head Shastri Vijaykumar Balkrishna Mukhiya and former Bahraini ambassador to the UN Karim Al Shakar.
Two | very different resort experiences await at the Monte Rosa ski area, which is shared by the Swiss resort of Zermatt and the Italian resort of Cervinia.
The second leg of 'This is Bahrain' comes after the success of its debut venture held in London," said Mathieson, at a meeting held at the Monte Rosa Restaurant in Bahrain yesterday (August 16) to announce the event.
New for next summer are two resorts: Champoluc, in the Monte Rosa region of Italy, and the picturesque Austrian village of Bad Kleinkirchheim.
The Monte Rosa mill in Nicaragua is to invest in a new boiler to increase the amount of power generated from bagasse from 32 to 55 MW, reports Laprensa.