Montecucculi, Raimondo, conte di

Montecucculi or Montecuccoli, Raimondo, conte di

(rīmōn`dō kōn`tā dē mōn'tāko͞ok`ko͞olē, –kōlē), 1609–80, Italian military commander in the service of the Holy Roman Empire. He distinguished himself in the Thirty Years War and was later sent to Hungary to take the field against the Ottomans. His victory (1664) at Szentgotthárd was the first serious blow to Ottoman power in Hungary. In the Dutch War of 1672–78, Montecucculi commanded imperial forces with mixed success against the French generals Turenne and Condé. He was made (1679) a prince of the Holy Roman Empire and duke of Melfi. After retirement he wrote on military subjects.
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