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a nation in Yugoslavia, numbering 508,800 persons (1971 census), most of whom live in Montenegro (355,600) and Serbia (125,300). Montenegrins speak the Stokavian dialect of Serbo-Croatian. The majority of believers belong to the Orthodox Church, and the rest are predominantly Muslims.

In terms of culture and way of life, the Montenegrins have much in common with the Serbs. However, the geographic isolation of their mountainous homeland, the centuries of struggle for independence from the Ottoman Empire, and the resultant militarization of life hindered Montenegro’s socioeconomic development and helped preserve the patriarchal clan social order. Although the ethnic composition of the Montenegrin clans (Vasojevići, Piperi, Kući, Belopavlići) was somewhat mixed owing to the influx of refugees from other parts of the country and groups of Albanian origin, it was popularly believed that all the members of a clan had a common ancestor and were blood relatives. Livestock raising and farming were the traditional occupations.

After the proclamation of a socialist Yugoslavia in 1945 and the creation of the republic of Montenegro, mechanization and new techniques were introduced in agriculture, and industrial enterprises were established. The former cultural backwardness of Montenegro has been overcome. The indigenous applied arts, notably wood and stone carving, metalworking, and embroidery, are flourishing. Oral poetry, music, and dance continue to develop vigorously. (For more information about the history, economy, and culture of the Montenegrins see MONTENEGRO.)


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the much less desirable classes include Southern Italians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Servians, Poles, Portugese, Spaniards, Roumanians, and Montenegrans.' When asked why these different peoples had been classified as desirable or undesirable, Husband explained to Edward that 'to one who had had any wide experience of the matter, [it was] comparatively simple to make a broad generalization, but difficult to furnish reasons in detail'.
They also organized seminars in Israel for Bosnians, Serbs, Montenegrans, Macedonians, and Croats.
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The Croats and Slovenes are Roman Catholics, from their history in the Austro-Hungarian Empire; the Serbs and their junior partners the Montenegrans are Eastern Orthodox from the days of Byzantium, and the Bosnians Muslim from the Ottoman Turks that destroyed the Byzantine Empire.
As the book was being printed Serbs, helped by some Montenegrans, were bombarding Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian coast of Yugoslavia.
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