Monterey State Historic Park

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Monterey State Historic Park

Location:20 Custom House Plaza in Monterey.
Facilities:Historic buildings, museum, exhibits, restrooms, icnic areas, food services, trails (é).
Activities:Guided tours, picnicking, fishing, hiking.
Special Features:Monterey is a showplace of early California history, having served as capitol under Spanish, Mexican, and US rule. Ten buildings, including the Custom House built in 1827 and California's First Theatre (1846-47), as well as several residences built in the 1830s, preserve the area's rich history.
Address:c/o Monterey District Office
2211 Garden Rd
Monterey, CA 93940

Size: 9.7 acres.

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Back on the recreation trail, turn left into Custom House Plaza to find rows of historic adobes in Monterey State Historic Park and a peaceful new haven called a sensory garden next to the Casa del Oro (3).
On July 1, one of the oldest of these venerable houses, the Cooper-Molera Adobe, will open to the public as the new centerpiece and interpretive center of Monterey State Historic Park.

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