Montreux Jazz Festival

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Montreux Jazz Festival,

international music festival held in Montreux, Switzerland, founded in 1967 by Chuck Nobs. Held annually for two weeks in July, it began as a purely jazz event and has evolved into a large festival featuring jazz, rock, pop, and other musical genres. It was originally held in the Montreux Casino, which burned down in 1971 and was replaced by a new Casino four years later. In 1993 the Casino was superseded by the new Convention Center. Today's concerts take place there, in the Casino Barrière (2003), smaller venues, and in open-air stages.
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At the Montreaux Jazz Festival - one of the 54 occasions he saw Prince perform live - Azhar watched from the sidelines.
SEEING Prince in concert at the Montreaux Jazz Festival gave Jim Kerr the title of the latest Simple Minds album.
As a leader of his self-named group, Truffaz recorded his first album Nina Valeria in 1994 and appeared on stages throughout Europe, including the Montreaux Jazz Festival.
George has the experience too, having brought Nightmares On Wax out for high-profile slots at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, the Big Chill and, Glastonbury.
Director Roman Polanski, freed this week after Switzerland refused a US extradition request, made his first public outing Saturday to see his wife perform at the Montreaux Jazz Festival.
Again in 2007, he was the head of the piano jury of Montreaux Jazz Festival.
2) Rickie Lee Jones at the 1999 Montreaux Jazz Festival in Montreaux, Switzerland.
Most notable is the Montreaux Jazz Festival which began in Switzerland in 1967, and lasted only three days.
The Cheltenham International Jazz Festival is the fastest growing jazz event in Europe and is considered to be Britain's answers to the Montreaux Jazz Festival.
They spent last year meeting the huge demand for overseas gigs, playing Switzerland's Montreaux Jazz Festival, the Hearing The World Festival in Tel Aviv, Boston Fleadh and about 100 other events with the word 'festival' in their title.
Next month, they'll enjoy a recording session with the acclaimed Londoner at the same Shepherd Bush studio which, over the years, has hosted the likes of fellow Valleys break-outs Stereophonics and Manic Street Preachers - before heading off to Switzerland in July to play at the prestigious Montreaux Jazz Festival.