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a quality in art akin to the aesthetic concept of the sublime; socially significant content expressed in majestic plastic form, imbued with a sense of the heroic and epic and affirming a positive ideal. Monumentally may be present in various art forms and genres, but it is essential to monumental art. As an artistic quality, monumentality must not be equated with the concept of the monumental as it refers to a work of monumental art. Not every work of monumental art has this quality of monumentality in terms of composition.

A lack of monumentality is particularly characteristic of art that is not capable of asserting positive social values or propagating progressive social ideals among the masses. Such art is marked by stylistic eclecticism (for example, certain 19th-century monuments in some countries of Europe and the Americas).


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In the late Republic, monumentality and empire became intertwined at Rome, and this process became even more solidified in the early imperial period.
Engaging with 'flux'--identified as a key element of the novel by both Andrew Thacker and Jason Finch--in Howards End will help us better understand monumentality and its relationship to form in the novel.
Moreover, its monumentality relates to the neo-classical Town Hall and Museum, and, as such, completes the representation of the city and restores the democratic space of the Agora.
The author brings in newspapers, philosophy, art, and so many other aspects of Austro-German nationalism to build his case for how monumentality was a part of the culture of the time.
With a strong central axis, both plan and cross section are symmetrical, contributing to a rather conventional interpretation of monumentality.
This article also considers the changing nature of monumentality reflected in the transformations effected at the site of the mausoleum, Purple Mountain (Zijin shan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
He assigned himself the task of photographing the major churches and abbeys of Great Britain and, working in a format as large as 14" x 18", wedded perfect technique with an unerring ability to choose the precise vantage point and lighting conditions that would best render the smallest details of architecture, convey a sense of monumentality, and imbue his pictures with a Romantic spirit.
Castings: Monuments and Monumentality in Poems by Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Lowell, James Merrill, Derek Walcott, and Seamus Heaney
A Dream of Stone": Fame, Vision, and Monumentality in Nineteenth-Century French Literary Culture.
To me," Johnson once said, "the drive for monumentality is as inbred as the desire for food and sex.
The retaining dock walls are made of granite laid in Hartley's distinctive Cyclopean style (irregular-shaped massive granite blocks dressed only on the facing surface) which adds to its monumentality.
Georgia O'Keeffe's ability to reduce motifs to their essence, to interweave close-ups and distances, monumentality and intimacy, became the distinguishing characteristics of her work.