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A phaneritic (visibly crystalline) plutonic rock composed chiefly of sodic plagioclase and alkali feldspar, with subordinate amounts of dark-colored minerals, intermediate between syenite and dorite.



(named after the city of Monzoni, Italy, in the Tirol), crystalline igneous rock consisting of approximately equal amounts of common potash feldspar and lime-soda feldspar (orthoclase and labradorite) and of a ferromagnesian mineral, usually pyroxene. In more acid varieties of monzonite a small amount of quartz may also be present; in more basic kinds there may be olivine. Chemically the group of monzonite rocks occupies an intermediate position between gabbros and syenites (average silica content of 55–65 percent); therefore monzonites are also called gabbro-syenites. Monzonite is a dense large-grained rock that is attractive when polished. It is used as a building material. Monzonites occur in many regions of the USSR—for example, the Ukraine and the Baikal region; abroad they are found in Italy, Norway, and other countries.

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Several alteration styles have been observed on the Property, including intense silicification associated with massive chalcopyrite mineralization, sericite, and hematite veining within a monzonite granite.
The Taadikvere quartz monzonite intrusion contains anomalously large amounts of ore and the accessory minerals hornblende, apatite (1-2%) and titano-magnetite (2-5%) (Niin 1997), which could cause or contribute to the observed potential field signature.
TREI would use monzonite sand provided by India's Indian Rare Earths Limited in its production of REEs.
The first 242 m of the hole were hosted in a typical porphyry-copper-style altered monzonite intrusion and assayed 0.63% copper and 0.85 g/mt gold.
2), which forms most of the northeastern part of the mountain, and a more varied but less extensive dioritic unit that includes quartz diorite, tonalite, diorite, granodiorite, quartz monzonite, and hornblendite.
The main rock types in the great Sierra Nevada batholit are granitic rocks (granodiorite, quartz monzonite, tonalite, etc.), which are capped by volcanics and flanked on the western side by older ultramafic rocks (Hill, 2006).
The rock types of the basement, according Adamu (1991), are medium to coarse grained granite, undifferentiated schist, gneisses, granite gneisses, fine grained biotites and biotites-hornblende granite, quartz monzonite, quartz diorite and granodiorites.
unit, which has been described as a possible diorite and porphyritic microdiorite, monzonite and granodiorite stock.
Despite its name, Granite Mountain is primarily composed of quartz monzonite, an igneous rock similar to granite in appearance, physical characteristics, and chemical composition.
Strong alteration was encountered with zones of silicified and tourmaline-altered monzonite with stockwork quartz veins (up to 0.79 meters wide) and disseminated to massive arsenopyrite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, and rare pyrrhotite intersected in the majority of the holes.