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High Honors: Jessica Whitley, Steven Bunker, Kathleen Carlson, Anthony Damiano, Zachariah Eslami,, Katelyn Getchell, Lauren Kasparson, Victoria Mooney, James Ptak, Jonathan Rooke, Nicholas Sancho-Rosi, Smita Shukla, Taylor Tomasso, Lindsey VanDoren, Keith Wittmer, Gregory Wong, Alex Zou.
Camelon beat Bathgate 4-0 with goals from Martin Mooney, James Winning, Stevie Ballantyne and Stuart Tringeon.
Barlows (I Riley, C Small) beat Mayfield 2-0, while Taxi Club (B Davies, Andy Divine, Paul Mooney, James Welsh, Andy Evans) routed Crosshouse (Josh Pritchard) 5-1.
With Ronan Mooney, James Grennan and McManus giving them the midfield platform they had been denied in the drawn game, the Midlanders actually led by six points approaching half time.