Mooring Buoy

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mooring buoy

[′mu̇r·iŋ ‚bȯi]
A buoy secured to the bottom by permanent moorings and provided with means for mooring a vessel by use of its anchor chain or mooring lines; in its usual form a mooring buoy is equipped with a ring.

Mooring Buoy


a steel float holding a chain (mooring bridle), running from an anchor of great mass that lies on the bottom (a so-called mooring anchor). Mooring buoys may be of various dimensions. They are placed in harbors and in roads for the off-shore mooring of combat ships or merchant ships. The ship is secured to the bridle by a steel cable or by its own anchor cable, which is temporarily unriveted from the anchor. Mooring “on a buoy” allows the ship to move quickly out to sea, since it is not necessary to lift anchor and lose an extended amount of time.

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Later she's inspecting large mooring buoys, peering at small patches of bleached or broken coral, or counting Napoleon wrasse in anticipation of a survey of the species (Cheilinus undulatus) scheduled in a couple of weeks.
Severe hypothermia was beginning to set in as the youth had been hanging on to a mooring buoy for more than 20 minutes.
The lesson, Marquardt says, was that a mooring buoy away from the dock is a better--and safer--place for a limping vessel to await repair.
MUSCAT: BankMuscat, in association with the Environment Society of Oman (ESO), recently installed mooring buoys in Ras Bu Dawood in Quriyat and Bandar Al Khairan as part of a campaign launched under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs for the protection of coral wealth.
Another ferry and a lifeboat rescued the passengers and secured the vessel to a mooring buoy 100 yards offshore.
This included a heavy, whole cane rod, seldom longer than 10ft, with a line like a hawser, a float like a mini mooring buoy and a hook to hold a whale.
The order was given to abandon ship, and Mr Palmer scrambled down a cable onto a nearby mooring buoy.
We displayed pictures of our work from the last year and set up a touch pool, and models of a coral reef and a mooring buoy.
These included educational activities and a mooring buoy installation project.
The city is also moving ahead on siting a mooring buoy out in Broad Bay.
25 years ago TWO 350-tonne sections of a giant deep-sea oil tanker mooring buoy were towed from Thornaby to Normanby Wharf.
Saipem will build a single point mooring buoy (SPM) with an export capacity of 900,000 barrels per day (bpd) and construct a 50-kilometre pipeline to transport crude from storage depots in Iraq's southern Faw peninsula to the new floating terminal, according to the sources and to documents obtained by Reuters.