Mooring Buoy

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mooring buoy

[′mu̇r·iŋ ‚bȯi]
A buoy secured to the bottom by permanent moorings and provided with means for mooring a vessel by use of its anchor chain or mooring lines; in its usual form a mooring buoy is equipped with a ring.
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Mooring Buoy


a steel float holding a chain (mooring bridle), running from an anchor of great mass that lies on the bottom (a so-called mooring anchor). Mooring buoys may be of various dimensions. They are placed in harbors and in roads for the off-shore mooring of combat ships or merchant ships. The ship is secured to the bridle by a steel cable or by its own anchor cable, which is temporarily unriveted from the anchor. Mooring “on a buoy” allows the ship to move quickly out to sea, since it is not necessary to lift anchor and lose an extended amount of time.

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The absence of mooring buoys drives boat crews to throw their anchors to the different substrata all throughout the dive sites.
Severe hypothermia was beginning to set in as the youth had been hanging on to a mooring buoy for more than 20 minutes.
The lesson, Marquardt says, was that a mooring buoy away from the dock is a better--and safer--place for a limping vessel to await repair.
MUSCAT: BankMuscat, in association with the Environment Society of Oman (ESO), recently installed mooring buoys in Ras Bu Dawood in Quriyat and Bandar Al Khairan as part of a campaign launched under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs for the protection of coral wealth.
"One possibility is that iron leaching from the ship and mooring buoy chains, accompanied with other environmental factors particular to Palmyra Atoll, are somehow promoting the growth of Rhodactis," he said.
The scope of work comprises the transportation and installation of the 750 ton Montara wellhead platform deck; 285 ton mooring buoy, with nine associated mooring legs; approximately 26 km of infield pipelines; and a 100 ton subsea manifold for the Swift field.
A COMPACT AUTONOMOUS mooring buoy that can be equipped with a variety of sensor packages for military and scientific missions is being produced by Florida Atlantic University at Boca Raton, Fla., and Lockheed Martin Corp.
Another ferry and a lifeboat rescued the passengers and secured the vessel to a mooring buoy 100 yards offshore.
This included a heavy, whole cane rod, seldom longer than 10ft, with a line like a hawser, a float like a mini mooring buoy and a hook to hold a whale.
The order was given to abandon ship, and Mr Palmer scrambled down a cable onto a nearby mooring buoy. Despite frantic efforts by a skeleton crew to make the ship watertight, the Maori sank.
These included educational activities and a mooring buoy installation project.