Moorish arch

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horseshoe arch, Arabic arch, Moorish arch

A rounded arch whose curve is a little more than a semicircle so that the opening at the bottom is narrower than its greatest span.
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The spacious master bedroom includes a luxurious marble bathroom with Moorish arches, a steam shower and claw-foot tub.
But the old town retains its winding streets and traditional buildings, with Moorish arches and pretty churches.
Tiles, turrets, and terracotta ornamented the galleries, which had carved balustrades and Moorish arches. An imposing cornice was decorated with arabesques in subtle colors.
Eating with his hand from a common dish and dining in the atmosphere of Moorish arches and seductive tiles was a way of keeping the pride and traditions of his ancestors alive.
The simultaneous sense of wonder and grief still radiates from the Moorish arches of the mosque of Cordoba today.