Moose Factory

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Moose Factory,

trading post, NE Ont., Canada, near the mouth of the Moose River on James Bay. A fort was built there by Charles Bayly, governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, in the early 1670s. In the struggle between the English and French in Canada, the fort changed hands several times and shortly after 1696 was destroyed. In 1730 the company built a post close to the ruins of the original fort. This post has been in continuous operation to the present day.
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At first, he spent ten years as resident physician at Moose Factory. Then, in 1846 he launched his career as an explorer when he participated in a survey of Committee Bay.
That first film was Christmas at Moose Factory (1971).
Resolution Health Support Worker Andrew Reuben, who attended the residential school in Moose Factory for more than two years, led the dialogue.
Byce's mother was a Cree woman from Moose Factory, Ont.
As a talented nurse in the early 1950s, she went north to Moose Factory to help fight the epidemic of tuberculosis that was ravaging the Cree and Inuit peoples.
SC: JLU is getting a lot of attention for its newest character, Miiyahbin Marten, code-named Equinox, a Cree teenage superheroine from Moose Factory, Ontario, whose power stems from the Earth and changes with the seasons.
Because I know what Ottawa is all about," said Etherington, a Cree from Moose Factory First Nation.
She's still laughing at jokes, she's still taking her walk around the camp every day," Thomas Louttit, an elder from Moose Factory, Ontario, ( told a reporter for Postmedia News on Thursday .
Together we explored eastern Canada, from the great provincial parks to the mining towns along the permafrost above the tree line and still farther north to Moose Factory at the bottom of James Bay, a once flourishing entrepA[acute accent]t of the Hudson's Bay Company, where we were surprised to find amid the ramshackle Cree dwellings two Chinese restaurants offering Mets Canadien et Chinois, a relic of the Chinese laborers who built in the 1920s the railroad that terminates therean example, as Jane pointed out, of how one kind of work leads to another.