Moosehead Lake

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Moosehead Lake,

35 mi (56 km) long, from 2 to 10 mi (3.2–16.1 km) wide, with an area of 120 sq mi (311 sq km), W Maine, N of Augusta. It is the largest lake in Maine and has an irregular shoreline and numerous islands. The region around the lake is a picturesque resort area, and there is a state park on the southeast shore. Mt. Kineo (1,789 ft/545 m high) is located on a peninsula that extends into the lake.
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Land on the eastern shore of Moosehead Lake that sold for $200 an acre in 1998 brought $8,000 an acre just two years later.
On Rum, Wilson, and Roach ponds in the Moosehead Lake region, use smelt patterns near inlet and outlet brooks, where the smelt spawn.
Flowing south from Moosehead Lake, the river drops over 1,000 feet along its 170-mile stretch to the Atlantic.
Henry Gilbert and Clifton Kealiher were standing around the gas pumps at Porter's Garage that Friday afternoon, speculating about when it might occur on Moosehead Lake.
The next morning Joe and his canoe were put on board the stage for Moosehead Lake, sixty and odd miles distant, an hour before we started in an open wagon.
On a gray, drizzly day, Sinclair is fidgeting with newfound energy in the living room of his ample cabin on Moosehead Lake, just outside Greenville, a gateway to Maine's fabled North Woods.
Conservation sales totaled $15 million and consisted of approximately 44,000 acres of Maine lands, a portion of which was associated with the approval of the company's Concept Plan for the Moosehead Lake region.
She especially enjoyed the yearly trips to Moosehead Lake in Maine.
Karen Morris, moose biologist for the MAINE Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, said fifteen tags will be added to the southeastern region while bull tags will be reduced in Units 8 and 9 in the Moosehead Lake region.
Last August I joined a whitewater expedition down the East Outlet of Moosehead Lake in the heart of the 3.
As part of the Plum Creek deal, the state of Maine will get conservation easements (basically, promises not to develop) on 1,908 acres, most of it on Moosehead Lake and Kennebec River shoreline.