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, group of the Pueblo, formerly called Moki, or Moqui. They speak the Hopi language, which belongs to the Uto-Aztecan branch of the Aztec-Tanoan linguistic stock, at all their pueblos except Hano, where the language belongs to the Tanoan branch of the Aztec-Tanoan
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Soon dismissed as agency physician, arrested, threatened with expulsion by military force, blacklisted from employment by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and the Smithsonian Institution, slandered by Frank Hamilton Cushing, and all but forgotten in the history of anthropology, Sullivan's residence among the Hopi was the immediate cause of the creation of the 1882 Executive Order Moqui [Hopi] Pueblo Indian Reservation.
Recently acknowledged in Gartner's July 2017 The Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide, 2017 under "Open-Source Solutions," HotWax Systems will be offering a full set of consulting services based on the Moqui Ecosystem of open-source projects.
The Arthur administration's proclamation stated that the reservation was for the use of "the Moqui Indians and other Indians that the President should decide to settle thereon."
Si este puerto lo que Dios permita estuviera en poder de otra Potencia no solamente se cortaba de todo el hilo de las conquistas hacia el norte sino que tambien se perdia la esperanza de conseguir la mucha riqueza que promete Moqui y sus provincias fronteras, y la paz, y tranquilidad de lo reducidos se verja en sumo peligro.
nemohuani: ti mohuihuixohua ya timotzetzelohua nican moqui nochan
Be ready for Anasazi petroglyphs and Moqui steps, beavertail cactus, and glowing sunset photos.
SUMNER: "Just above the San Juan we saw the first prominent 'Moqui' houses, though we had seen some ruins farther up the river.
For another example of an American Indian perspective on communal ownership of land, see the petition of the Moqui women to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, as reproduced in Joan West & Wynell Burroughs Schamel, Those Waterless Sandy Valleys: Petition of the Moqui Women, 5 MAGAZINE OF HISTORY 46 (1991).
Other of his Indian pieces include The Moqui Runner, A Primitive Chant, and The Sun Vow.
(64) "Jose Agustin de Campos y la conquista del Moqui", en Luis Gonzalez Rodriguez, op.
"[I]f we establish missions at the Casa Grande of the Gila and hold as subjects of the royal dominion the Pima Indians of the district, who are good fighters," Sedelmayr opined in 1746, "they would be able to accompany the missionaries as guides, as messengers and as an escort all the way to Moqui [Hopi]." (42)
Epsom: 6.10 Stormy Crest, 7.40 Moqui Marble, 8.10 Roses Of Spring.