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a river in eastern India. It measures approximately 300 km in length. The river originates in the Rajmahal Hills and flows from the right into an arm of the Ganges-Hooghly Delta. A large hydroengineering complex (a dam, a reservoir, and an irrigation canal system with a total length of more than 1,500 km) is on the Mor.

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From figure 4 we can know that when content of Robiniapseudoacacia goes up the MOR value increases at first and then goes down.
We choose the MOR as the standard to get the extreme difference R value, the resin content is 3.
Este hallazgo permite separar los suenos de la fase de MOR e identificar, aparentemente, la region cerebral donde se originan los suenos.
Si se corrobora que las ensonaciones se originan de una manera diferente que los suenos MOR, faltara conocer como se logra la sincronizacion entre ambas actividades.
Sin embargo, el psicologo David Maurice de la Universidad de Columbia considero que los MOR deberian tener otras funciones.
Cuando se cierran los ojos y permanecen quietos, el suministro de oxigeno a la cornea disminuye, excepto en la etapa de los MOR, los cuales logran agitar lo suficiente al humor acuoso para oxigenar la cornea.
Fjordbank Mors declared bankruptcy in late June and transferred its assets and part of its liabilities to a new subsidiary bank of Finansiel Stabilitet in line with Denmark's Bank Package III rules.
The firm, which specialises in train protection warning systems, will now trade as Mors Smitt UK and will remain on the Cradley Heath site which it shares with Key Technologies' headquarters.
Midlands law firm Freeth Cartwright acted on behalf of Mors Smitt.
With MORS Treasury Manager, Saastopankkien Keskuspankki can manage their daily treasury operations and reporting.