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These records demonstrate that this species can feature a generalist diet, despite the preference for Moraceae cited by Fleming (1986), Galetti and Morellato (1994) and Passos et al.
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Ficus palmata is utilized as fuel wood and generally utilized for the successful treatment of numerous ailments, viz skin illnesses, ringworm, wound diseases and haemorrhoid [4, 5].The fig organic product (Ficus palmata) is extremely feeding sustenance and utilized as a part of mechanical item under different structures, ie crisp, dried and canned, loaded down with nuts, secured with chocolate or aromatized in diverse ways [6, 7].Ficus cordata Thunb (Moraceae) is a savana tree of around ten meters stature found in Senegal, Angola, South Africa and Cameroon [8].
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Lecanodiaspis dendrobii (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Lecanodiaspididae) is a polyphagous scale insect that feeds on many plant species distributed in six botanic families: Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, Moraceae, Orchidaceae, Rutaceae and Verbenaceae (Garcia et al., 2015).