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The quantity or state of being diseased.
The conditions inducing disease.
The ratio of the number of sick individuals to the total population of a community.



a medical statistical index reflecting the total number of cases of diseases recorded during a calendar year among the population of a particular area. It is expressed as the number of cases per 100, 1,000, or 10,000 persons. The morbidity level in the previous calendar year and its changes in several preceding years are major indicators of the health of the population and of the effectiveness of the work of the public health organizations. These statistics are also used as the basis for the planning of all therapeutic and preventive measures.

The adoption of the international nomenclature and classification of diseases and causes of death by the USSR in 1965 made it possible to analyze morbidity according to standard principles and to obtain comparable results. An exhaustive recording of diseases does not only include those illnesses first recorded in a particular year. It also records all diseases, including chronic illnesses, that were detected in the past and required regular visits to the doctor in a given year. This type of medical statistical index is called the prevalence rate.


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