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Mordovian Republic

(môrdō`vēən), or

Mordva Republic

(môrd`və), constituent republic (1990 est. pop. 965,000), c.10,000 sq mi (25,900 sq km), E European Russia. Once a densely forested steppe, it consists of the Volga upland in the east and the Oka-Don lowland in the west. Agricultural processing and the manufacture of machinery, furniture, paper, and wood chemicals are the major industries. Beekeeping is a long-established economic activity. Cattle and sheep are raised, and grain, hemp, potatoes, and flax are grown. SaranskSaransk
, city (1989 pop. 312,000), capital of Mordovia, central European Russia. Machine building and food processing are the major industries. Saransk was founded as a fort in 1641. It developed rapidly during World War II.
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, the capital, and Ardatov are the major cities. The population is composed mainly of Russians (60%), Mordovians (33%), and Tatars (5%). The Mordovians (Rus. Mordva) speak a Finno-Ugric language and are Orthodox Christians. The Mordovians were first mentioned by the Gothic historian Jordanes in the 6th cent. A.D. They were land tillers and herders, with close ties to the Slavs. In the mid-13th cent. they came under the political control of the Golden HordeGolden Horde, Empire of the,
Mongol state comprising most of Russia, given as an appanage to Jenghiz Khan's oldest son, Juchi, and actually conquered and founded in the mid-13th cent. by Juchi's son, Batu Khan, after the Mongol or Tatar (see Tatars) conquest of Russia.
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 and, when it disintegrated, passed to the Kazan khanate. Russia annexed the territory of the Mordovians in 1552. The Mordovian Autonomous SSR, also known as the Mordovian Autonomous SSR, was formed in 1934. It was a signatory, under the name Mordva Republic, to the Mar. 31, 1992, treaty that created the Russian Federation (see RussiaRussia,
officially the Russian Federation,
Rus. Rossiya, republic (2015 est. pop. 143,888,000), 6,591,100 sq mi (17,070,949 sq km). The largest country in the world by area, Russia is bounded by Norway and Finland in the northwest; by Estonia, Latvia, Belarus,
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The affirmation reflects Fitch's unchanged scenario regarding Mordovia's high debt burden and weak fiscal performance with a fragile operating balance and continuing, albeit smaller, budget deficit over the medium term.
The meeting was attended by employees of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia and the State Migration Service under the government of Kyrgyzstan in Russia and deputy minister, chief of the police of Mordovia Vladislav Tolkunov.
Tolokonnikova spent most of her two-year sentence for hooliganism in Mordovia's No.
Mordovia's B1 issuer rating reflects the republic's very high debt burden
He clashed with Mordovia's Vladimir Bozovic and minutes later with home fans as he walked off the pitch.
Glory to Saransk, glory to Mordovia, glory to Russia!"
Mordovia: French actor and newly-minted Russian citizen Gerard Depardieu on Saturday formally registered as resident of the little-known Russian region of Mordovia, giving his residence as No.
That was Kamaz's second home defeat in eight matches in all competitions, but there is evidence that Mordovia are becoming stronger as the season progresses.
He also served as Secretary of the Diocese of Mordovia. Following the recent visit by the Metropolitan Cornelius to Mordovia, Lazar was invited to Estonia where he resided at Puhtitsa Monastery for the past year.
Moscow/London: Fitch Ratings has affirmed the Russian Mordovia Republic's Long-Term Foreign- and Local-Currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) and Short-Term Foreign-Currency IDR at 'B'.