Morgan, Daniel

Morgan, Daniel,

1736–1802, American Revolutionary general, b. probably in Hunterdon co., N.J. He moved (c.1753) to Virginia and later served in the French and Indian WarsFrench and Indian Wars,
1689–1763, the name given by American historians to the North American colonial wars between Great Britain and France in the late 17th and the 18th cent.
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 and several campaigns against Native Americans. In the Revolution, Morgan assumed command of the attack on Quebec (see Quebec campaignQuebec campaign,
1775–76, of the American Revolution. The Continental Congress decided to send an expedition to Canada to protect the northern frontier from British attack and to persuade Canada to join the revolt against England. Late in Aug., 1775, Gen.
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) after Benedict Arnold was wounded, but Morgan himself was captured. He was exchanged (1776) and took part in the Saratoga campaign, but dissatisfied with the congressional policy of promotions, he retired in 1779. He reentered the army in 1780 and joined the Carolina campaign. Serving under Nathanael Greene, he defeated the British at Cowpens (1781). After the war he helped to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion and served (1797–99) as a U.S. Congressman.


See biographies by N. Callahan (1961) and D. Higginbotham (1961).

Morgan, Daniel

(1736–1802) soldier; probably born in Hunterdon County, N.J. The son of an ironmaster who had settled in the Shenandoah Valley, Va., he had served with the British forces in the French and Indian War and against Pontiac's rebellion (1763–64). He joined the Revolutionary forces on the outbreak of war and fought at Quebec in December 1775, where he was captured. Exchanged in 1776, he led a crack regiment of sharpshooters that played an important role in the victory at Saratoga (1777). He then served under George Washington in Pennsylvania. After briefly resigning (1779–80) in dissatisfaction over his lack of promotion, he rejoined the army to command troops in western North Carolina; on January 17, 1781, a force under his command defeated the British at Cowpens, S.C., in one of the war's decisive battles. In 1794, commanding Virginia militia, Morgan helped suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives (Fed., Va.; 1797–99).
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