Morgan Guaranty Trust Company

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Morgan Guaranty Trust Company


one of the fore-most joint-stock banks in the United States.

Founded in New York in 1861 as J. P. Morgan and Company, the bank emerged as the financial headquarters of the Morgan group. In 1959 it merged with the Guaranty Trust Company of New York, founded in New York in 1864 and also controlled by the Morgan family. Through a system of interlocking directorates the bank maintains close ties with major concerns in various branches of industry, transportation, and the service sector.

The bank deals primarily with major corporations. It has four affiliates in the United States, all in New York. Outside the country it has 13 branches and six correspondent agencies, as well as 13 subsidiaries for long-term financing and trust operations. The bank has maintained ties for many years with Morgan Grenfell and Company, Ltd., in England. Morgan Guaranty Trust has capital holdings in such multinational banks as the Neue Bank of Zurich and the Australia United Corporation of Melbourne, as well as in many foreign banks.

The bank’s total balance as of Dec. 31, 1973, was $20.4 billion; deposits, $15.4 billion; capital and reserves, $1.1 billion; loans, $10.5 billion; and securities, $2.5 billion.


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Prior to Arbor Realty Trust, he held leadership positions at Banque Indosuez, Chemical Bank and Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York.
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(16.) JP Morgan Chase Bank was formed after the merger of Chase Manhattan Bank and Morgan Guaranty Trust Company in the fourth quarter of 2001.
Alan Greenspan sold his gold-standard soul for 30 pieces of silver and suddenly emerged as a member of the executive committee of the Morgans' flagship commercial bank, Morgan Guaranty Trust Company.
The DIP financing, which is being provided by a bank group led by Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York, will be used, along with cash flows, to fund Vencor's operations during its restructuring.
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It was donated to Partners of the Americas, a private Washington, D.C.-based voluntary organization by Morgan Guaranty Trust Company.
Through leadership, recruiting efforts, training initiatives and a commitment to promote from within, Ed, who worked previously as vice president in the facility and vendor management departments of Morgan Guaranty Trust Company in New York, and, prior to that, as general manager of operations at the World Trade Center and Port Authority of NY & NJ, has built a real "A Team" for property management and construction at SL Green.
Incorporated ("Morgan") and thereby acquire Morgan's subsidiary bank, Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York ("Morgan Guaranty"), New York, New York.(1) Chase's lead bank, The Chase Manhattan Bank, also in New York ("Chase Bank"), a state member bank, has applied under section 18(c) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12 U.S.C.
Bankruptcy Court in Delaware to approve an agreement for debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing with a bank group led by Morgan Guaranty Trust company of New York.
A call to Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, the current owners of the building, regarding the pending sale was not returned.
The System is currently operated by the Brussels office of the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York ("MGT") on behalf of Euroclear Clearance System plc ("ECS plc"), a United Kingdom company owned by a consortium of 119 financial institutions.