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Barfield's notations not only direct attention to the consequences of this relationship with Morgause but also highlight the treacherous actions of Arthur's other half-sister, Morgan le Fay, who is married to King Uriens and is, as Barfield's notations point out, "a great clerk of necromancy" (1:8).
Among the few artists's models identified by name is the striking Fanny Eaton, the subject of a beautiful painting by the shortlived Joanna May Wills and an equally beautiful drawing by Frederic Sandys, who used her as the model for his painting Morgan Le Fay in the Birmingham collection.
Sarah Riches steals the show as the wicked Morgan Le Fay, revealing a pleasing singing voice in the process.
The merit of Merlin undeniably lies in Act II with the lengthy duo of soprano leads Nivian and Morgan Le Fay accompanied by haunting woodwinds.
Frankova writes, "The ancient link between the Irish Great Goddess and the Green Man which [William] Anderson believes to be paralleled in Morgan Le Fay and the Green Knight is echoed by Murdoch in the girl Moy, who is endowed with a special sensitivity to the creatures and inanimate objects of nature" (82).
One might also wish for a discussion of the many enchantresses and faeries of romance, from Launfal's alternately loving and violent faery mistress, to Morgan le Fay with her rival courtly world, or Malory's Hellawes, who, when she fails to possess Launcelot's body dead or alive, dies of unrequited love.
Bracing for dangerous encounters with Morgan Le Fay, towering monsters and evil dwarves, they will utilize a full arsenal of weapons including bow & arrow, sword, mace and Excalibur.
Pendragon is billed as an innovative production, taking the audience back in time to the court of King Arthur Pendragon, where Guinevere, Merlin the Magician and the Lady of the Lake battle with Morgan Le Fay and the forces of evil.
Jean told us about various must-see sacred sites: Merlin's tomb, the sacred oak, the Chateau of Comper and its nearby lake, the Valley of No Return where Morgan le Fay ensnared unfaithful knights, and the magical fountain of Barenton.
Alas, all else in Camelot was not that lovely and Morgan Le Fay, danced by .
In The Faerie Queene, the female Britomart is identified by Davis as that which resists the simple linearity of those 'heroes of classical rationalism', Guyon and Artegall, but unlike the dangers represented by Morgan Le Fay in Gawain, or Duessa in Book 1, she comes to embody, most fully in the Temple of Isis, a mode of thought more flexible and less binary than that championed by the male knights.
Richardson is perfectly cast as the husky- voiced evil Queen of Darkness, Mab, and Helena Bonham Carter is an excellent Morgan Le Fay.

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