Morgan horse

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Morgan horse,

breed of American light horselight horse,
any breed of horse that is used primarily for riding or for light work such as pulling buggies. Light horses have their origin in the Middle East and N Africa.
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 descended from a single progenitor—the famous Justin MorganJustin Morgan,
1792–1821, American horse, the foundation sire of the Justin Morgan breed of horses. Originally called "Figure," the stallion was renamed for his first owner, Justin Morgan (1747–97), after both owner and horse were dead.
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. Morgans are used as all-purpose light horses and are very popular on cattle ranches. Their average height is just under 15 hands (60 in./150 cm), and their average weight is about 1,000 lb (450 kg). Bay, chestnut, and black are common colors.
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Caption: The Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club kept the Fair's sawmill exhibitors well-supplied with large logs.
that my parents would not sell my sister's black Morgan horse with
The Gilfeather was first bred in Vermont, and Losh has included images of the state animals: the Morgan horse, brook trout and hermit thrush.
In August 2011, a 10-year-old, 505-kg Morgan horse mare in Florida, USA, with no history of travel outside the eastern United States was evaluated at the University of Florida for an ulcerated mass in the left pinna.
A breeder of Morgan horses for show, hunting, and carriage driving, Emery was a life member of the American Morgan Horse Association (1990-2006).
Morgan The Morgan horse was developed in the United States in the
He first took up the reins in 1985, driving a single Morgan horse at both club and national levels, and his interest in designing horse driving trials courses followed on.
The horse was named for its owner, a schoolteacher who brought him to Vermont, where there still is a Morgan horse farm near Middlebury.
The return visit by the Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry and the stallion, The Red, will bring the history of Vermont to this Illinois prairie farmstead just as the Garfields hailed from the Green Mountain State.
Youth equestrian: Kaylie Hanson of Eugene was awarded an AMHA Dressage Seat Silver Medal by the American Morgan Horse Association for her performance in the Far West Regional Horse Show on June 20-23 at Redmond, Wash.
Equine breeder, trainer, judge, and artist Jeanne Mellin presents Shadow The Curious Morgan Horse, the latest in her award-wining series of children's books.
Photo: Junior driver and trotting Morgan horse demonstrate carriage work in Sonoma