river, Afghanistan: see MurgabMurgab
, river, 530 mi (853 km) long, rising in the Paropamisus range, NE Afghanistan, flowing NW into Turkmenistan, to the Merv oasis, and disappearing into the Kara Kum desert, SE Turkmenistan; it forms part of the Afghanistan-Turkmenistan border.
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Anticipating Brunelleschi' The ruins of Gonur-Tepe are the centrepiece of a network of towns and settlements in the delta region of the river Morghab that flows through Turkmenistan from its source in Afghanistan.
The operation was launched in Sar Morghab area on the outskirts of Tirinkot city, commander of fourth brigade of 205th Atal Military Corps, Gen.
Finally, various ongoing operations, such as the convoy movements of humanitarian support, the Bala Morghab Bridge operation, and the poppy eradication force, are briefed regularly.
In cooperation with the Combined Joint Engineers Branch, CJ-4 was the lead for the Bala Morghab Bridge operation.
It took several days to hire new drivers, transport them to the staging area, work out issues with tribal elders, and drive the remaining distance to Bala Morghab.
The clash occurred after a group of more than 100 militants attacked an Afghan army patrol and killed four army soldiers in the Bala Morghab area in southern Urozgan Province late Tuesday, Gen.
With chapter 10, the author moves to the other, earlier capital of the Achaemenid empire, Pasaragadae, about 90 km to the north of Persepolis in the Morghab Plain.
The Taliban provincial deputy shadow governor, Maulavi Abdul Rahman, and a bomb maker, Mullah Muhammad, were killed as their device was detonated in the restive Bala Morghab district, a top local official said.