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A place where dead bodies are held pending identification and disposition.



a place where dead bodies are received, stored, identified, and disposed, and where forensic medical examinations are conducted. In the USSR, morgues are a part of bureaus of forensic medical examination, hospitals, clinics, research institutes, and subdepartments of forensic medicine.

In contemporary practice, the term “morgue” has been retained only for forensic medical institutions; in hospitals, autopsies are performed in departments of pathological anatomy, where the bodies of patients who have died in medical facilities are brought. Morgues receive the bodies of unidentified persons, of victims of violent death or suspected violent death, of patients who have died in medical facilities when no diagnosis has been established or when investigative agencies have received complaints of improper or illegal treatment, of patients dead on arrival at medical facilities, and of victims of sudden death if the cause has not been established by a physician.

A morgue consists of a room for examining dead bodies (autopsy room) and of auxiliary rooms.

morgue, mortuary

A room or building for the holding and/or identification of dead bodies prior to burial or cremation.
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The bodies of both alleged terrorists have been placed in a Chhipa Welfare Foundation morgue near FTC, Karachi.
But I have never seen a body brought from the morgue for burial and then returned to the morgue.
Speaking about the capacity of the Edhi Morgue, he said that it can accommodate over 300 bodies at a time.
30pm a relative of the man called the morgue and asked to transport his body for burial in Hidd.
It was reported on Wednesday that due to renovations at the Paphos hospital's morgue, a problem had occurred with the transportation of bodies to the Limassol hospital for post mortems, as there was no suitable air-conditioned vehicle available.
Prior to the near-universal accessibility of the Internet, creating the makeup morgue was a laborious and expensive process.
NEW YORK, Dhu-AlHijjah 29, 1436, October 13, 2015, SPA -- The New York Times' vast archive of historical photographs was threatened this weekend when a broken water pipe flooded an area known as the morgue, causing minor damage, according to AP.
The Indian Consulate in Dubai has denied an Indian media report that claimed the body of an Indian woman has been lying in a morgue in Sharjah since 2005.
Photos shows some relatives waiting outside the morgue to receive and identify their relatives.
A source at the morgue in Mosul told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA/ Terrorists executed the two women "in their forties " in the Ghazlani camp south of Mosul, without knowing the reasons behind this sentence and handed over their bodies to the morgue in Mosul who seeks to know the identities and hand their bodies to their parents.
LINDSAY Lohan has bizarrely said she wheeled Whitney Houston's body into the morgue.
IF anything deserves a 'Made in Liverpool' tag this summer, it's e Morgue Table - being performed at the Epstein eatre this month.