Mourning Dove

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Mourning Dove (b. Humishima or Christine Quintasket)

(1888–1936) Okanogan/Colville writer, activist; born in Bonner's Ferry, Ida. A migrant worker in Washington most of her adult life, she wrote one of the few early novels by a Native American woman, Cogewea, the Half-Blood (1927), as well as Coyote Stories (1933). She also cofounded the Colville Indian Council (1930) and in 1935 became the first woman elected to the Colville Tribal Council.
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White-winged and morning doves are plentiful in the summer and early fall, and hunters are allowed by law to kill as many as 40 doves per day.
A runway sweep by base operations personnel revealed six dead morning doves. The aircraft had been hit multiple times on the left leading edge flaps and wing, and there was evidence of bird ingestion in both engines number one and two.
However, morning doves love to nest in the canopy of many vineyards I visit regularly.