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family of prominent American landowners and statesmen. Richard Morris, d. 1672, left England after serving in Oliver Cromwell's army, became a merchant in Barbados, and emigrated to New York City when it was known, under the Dutch, as New Amsterdam. He purchased a tract of land in what is now the Bronx, which, along with other real estate, descended to his son, Lewis MorrisMorris, Lewis,
1671–1746, American colonial official, first lord of the manor of Morrisania in New York. The son of Richard Morris (d. 1672; see Morris, family), he was born in that part of Westchester co. that is now part of the Bronx, New York City.
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 (1671–1746; see separate article). The New York estate was erected into a manor, called Morrisania, in 1697. Lewis's eldest son, Lewis Morris, 1698–1762, b. Morrisania, was the second lord of the manor and became judge of the high court of admiralty. His brother, Robert Hunter Morris, c.1700–1764, b. Morrisania, was appointed (1738) chief justice of New Jersey by his father and later became (1754) governor of Pennsylvania; protests from the western counties over his administration of frontier defenses resulted in his resignation in 1756. The third and last lord of the manor was Lewis MorrisMorris, Lewis,
1726–98, American political leader, signer of the Declaration of Independence, b. Morrisania, N.Y. (now part of the Bronx); elder half-brother of Gouverneur Morris.
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 (1726–98; see separate article). His brothers included Gouverneur MorrisMorris, Gouverneur
, 1752–1816, American political leader and diplomat, b. Morrisania, N.Y. (now part of the Bronx); a grandson of Lewis Morris (1671–1746), he was born to wealth and influence. He studied law and was admitted (1771) to the bar.
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 (see separate article) and Richard Morris, 1730–1810, b. Morrisania, who was a judge of the admiralty court, like his father, and was appointed (1779) chief justice of the New York state supreme court despite his lack of ardor for the Revolutionary cause. Morrisania was annexed to the city of New York as part of the Bronx in 1874. Richard Morris's son, Lewis Richard Morris, 1760–1825, b. Scarsdale, N.Y., saw active service during the early part of the Revolution and was (1781–83) assistant to the secretary of foreign affairs. He established a manor at Springfield, Vt., was active in Vermont politics, and served (1797–1803) as Representative in the U.S. Congress. Another member of the family was Richard Valentine MorrisMorris, Richard Valentine,
1768–1815, American naval officer, b. Morrisania, N.Y. (now part of the Bronx); son of Lewis Morris (1726–98). After the American Revolution he entered the navy and was commissioned captain in 1798.
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See L. D. Akerly, The Morris Manor (1916).


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William. 1834--96, English poet, designer, craftsman, and socialist writer. He founded the Kelmscott Press (1890)
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