Morris, Leslie

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Morris, Leslie


Born Oct. 10, 1904, in Weston-super-Mare, Great Britain; died Nov. 13, 1964, in Toronto, Canada. Canadian labor leader.

Morris began work as an apprentice blacksmith at the age of 12. At 15 he first took part in a strike by railroad workers. In 1920 he moved to Canada and in December 1921 became a member of the Communist Party of Canada (CPC). During 1924–25 he served as first national secretary of the Canadian Komsomol, and was a delegate to the Seventh Comintern Congress in 1935.

Arrested a number of times for his revolutionary activity, Morris led an active fight in 1956–57 against the revisionists and liquidators attempting to wreck the CPC. In January 1962 he became the general secretary of the CPC.

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