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morris dance


morrice dance,

rustic dance of the north of England that had its origin in country festivals, such as those of May Day and Whitsunday. Reference to it in English literature is made as early as the 15th cent. The main dancers were called Robin Hood, Maid Marian, the hobbyhorse, and the bavian, or fool. They were accompanied by a piper or taborer. An ambulatory dance, it was often performed from one village to another by the main dancers and six other dancers, three in a row. The morris dance was a sword dance in many vicinities.


See J. Forrest, The History of Morris Dancing, 1458–1750 (1999).

morris dance

any of various old English folk dances usually performed by men (morris men) to the accompaniment of violin, concertina, etc. The dancers are adorned with bells and often represent characters from folk tales
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It will be a very colourful protest on July 23, with bells, Morris dancers and green men."
If you would like to join the Mersey Stars Morris Dancers, who have dancers aged four to 35, call Janet on 07950 642166 and find out more.
At one time it was a team made up almost entirely of Morris Dancers with Ph.D's.
The Society of Morris Dancers believes that every Olympic opening ceremony since it's creation has showcased the home country's cultural identity, and that without including morris dancing in the proceedings we will not be fulfilling this legacy.
Prince Bishops centre administrator Tania Collinson said: "It was unfortunate that we had to ask the morris dancers to stop after a couple of dances.
The urban watching march of the sixteenth century, which shared with the court tournament procession the purpose of displaying military might and readiness, began increasingly throughout the sixteenth century to add pageants and morris dancers to their displays.
Traditional morris dancers kicked off May Day in style as they danced at sunrise on Barr Beacon, near Walsall.
Morris dancers have performed with black face make-up since the origins of the dancing tradition in the 16th century.
But the laces on trainers are unsuitable for a double knot and, if I was to start winding them round my leg, I'd look like a morris dancer. Not that I have anything against morris dancers.
MORRIS dancers were warding off evil spirits across Warwickshire at the weekend - in a tradition which dates back hundreds of years.
Fundraising thank-you BODELWYDDAN Marblettes Morris Dancers have had a busy fundraising weekend in order to keep the troupe dancing during their 4th season of competition.

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