Morskoi Sbornik

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Morskoi Sbornik


(Naval Collection), a monthly journal of the Soviet Navy; published in Moscow.

Morskoi sbornik is for regular officers, students at higher naval schools, reserve officers, and persons interested in naval affairs. The journal’s main tasks are to explain the policies of the CPSU and the Soviet government with respect to the navy, to elaborate on the theory and practice of the art of naval warfare and methods of education and training of personnel, to provide exchange of information on shipbuilding and navigation, and to acquaint readers with the organization, tactics, armament, and combat training of foreign navies. The journal deals with the experience of World War II (1939–5) and the Great Patriotic War (1941–45) and publishes memoirs and literary works connected with the life of the navy.

The predecessor of Morskoi sbornik was the Russian military and scientific journal of the same name founded in 1848 by the Naval Scientific Committee, which was published in St. Petersburg (Petrograd) until the October Revolution of 1917. In the mid-19th century Morskoi sbornik published articles by D. V. Grigorovich, V. I. Dal’, K. M. Staniukovich, and I. A. Goncharov, and thus played an important role in Russia’s public life; it was also an active participant in the social and pedagogical movement (articles by N. I. Pirogov and K. D. Ushinskii, for example). In the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th, Morskoi sbornik published articles by prominent naval figures, such as G. I. Butakov and S. O. Makarov.

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This study complements but does not replace Monakov's series of articles on Soviet naval doctrine and Stalin's fleet in Morskoi sbornik, 1992-98, or Robert W.