Moscow Dramatic Theater

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Moscow Dramatic Theater


a theater on Malaia Bronnaia Street; opened in 1946 with the play The Gold Hoop by Kazakov and Mariengof. Directors of the theater have been S. A. Maiorov (1946–57) and A. A. Goncharov (1958–65); among its art directors have been I. Ia. Sudakov and F. N. Kaverin.

The theater’s productions have included Lope de Vega’s The Woman With the Water Pitcher (1949), Medvedev and Grebnev’s The Strong in Spirit (1950), Maliarevskii’s The Eve of a Storm (1951), Minko’s Without Naming Names (1953), Mstislavskii’s The Rook Is a Spring Bird (1955), Finn’s The Beginning of Life (1958), Miller’s A View From the Bridge (1959), and Dürrenmatt’s The Visit (1965).

Plays staged at the Moscow Dramatic Theater in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s were Leonov’s The Golden Carriage (1969), Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (1970), Makaenok’s The Tribunal (1971), Rozov’s Brother Alesha (1972; based on Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov), Dvoretskii’s The Outsider (1972), and Rozov’s The Situation (1973).

In 1974 the theater company consisted of People’s Artists of the RSFSR S. G. Sokolovskii, L. P. Sukharevskaia, and B. M. Tenin, Honored Artists of the RSFSR M. I. Andrianova, L. P. Bogdanova, L. S. Bronevoi, N. N. Volkov, I. Ia. Kastrel’, M. M. Kozakov, and L. A. Perepelkina, Honored Artist of the Belorussian SSR B. K. Kudriavtsev, Honored Artist of Tadzhik SSR A. G. Shirshov, and the artists A. V. Antonenko, A. D. Grachev, A. I. Dmitrieva, L. K. Durov, L. S. Kanevskii, G. R. Saifulin, and O. M. Iakovleva. Since 1968 the theater’s chief director has been Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR A. L. Dunaev; its director is A. V. Efros.


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