Moscow Electrical Engineering Institute of Communications

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Moscow Electrical Engineering Institute of Communications


one of the largest educational and scientific centers of the USSR for electrical communications. It was founded in 1921 from an electrical technicum established in 1920 on the initiative of V. N. Podbel’skii.

Scientists working at the institute have made important contributions to the development of radio engineering, communications, and television and radio broadcasting (automation of telephone communications, high-frequency radio broadcasting, development of high-power radio transmitters, electronic control devices, superlong-distance communication lines, and shortwave communication antennas). Among the prominent scientists whose careers were associated with the institute are Academicians M. V. Shuleikin, V. A. Kotel’nikov, and A. A. Kharkevich; Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR A. A. Pistol’kors; and Professors P. K. Akul’shin, E. V. Kitaev, I. A. Koshcheev, P. A. Azbukin, and V. K. Vitorskii.

In 1973 the institute had departments of automatic electric communications, multichannel electrical communications, radio communications, radio broadcasting, automation, remote control and electronics, automation of communications systems, and engineering economics; an evening division; a preparatory department for foreign students; a department of advanced training for teachers in higher educational institutions; a preparatory division; a graduate school; 34 subdepartments; 21 research laboratories and six sectorial laboratories; and a library with 650, 000 volumes. In the 1972–73 academic year more than 7, 000 students were studying at the institute. The teaching staff numbered more than 500, including 39 professors and doctors of sciences and more than 200 assistant professors and candidates of sciences. The institute confers candidate’s and doctoral degrees.

In collaboration with the M. A. Bonch-Bruevich Leningrad Electrical Engineering Institute, the Moscow Electrical Engineering Institute of Communications publishes Trudy institutov sviazi (Transactions of Institutes of Communications; since 1968). From 1921 to 1972 the institute trained about 20, 000 specialists. In 1971 it was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


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