Moscow Forest Engineering Institute

Moscow Forest Engineering Institute


a center for the study of forest engineering and forestry. The institute, which was founded in 1919, was reorganized a number of times between 1920 and 1930. It was reopened in 1943. The establishment and development of various schools of scientific thought at the Moscow Forest Engineering Institute have been associated with the work of such well-known scientists as S. A. Chaplygin, A. F. Ioffe, O. Yu. Shmidt, N. N. Luzin, V. N. Obraztsov, M. A. Lavrent’ev, B. A. Vvedenskii, E. E. Uspenskii, M. V. Kirpichev, V. K. Arkad’ev, M. V. Shuleikin, V. P. Bushinskii, A. S. Iablokov, V. N. Sukachev, and L. F. Pravdin.

The institute has (1973) departments of forestry and urban landscaping, automation and integrated mechanization of lumber industry, automation and integrated mechanization of wood processing, automation and integrated mechanization of wood plastics and board, electronics and computing equipment, and industrial economics. There is an evening division, correspondence courses, and courses for the continuing education of instructors at higher educational institutions. In addition, the institute has a preparatory division, a graduate division, 48 sub-departments one special problem laboratory, two sectorial laboratories, and an experimental model tree farm with eight forestry sections. The library contains about 600, 000 volumes.

During the 1972–73 academic year, the institute had an enrollment of about 10, 000 students and a faculty of approximately 600 instructors, including three academicians of the V. I. Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 38 professors and doctors of sciences, and 270 docents and candidates of sciences. The institute confers doctoral and candidate’s degrees, for defense. It has published Nauchnye trudy (Scientific Transactions) since 1950. The institute has trained 18, 000 specialists.


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